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[ENGLISH] Vogue Jan 2015 Interview, Part 3 – Lee Seung Gi’s Delightful First Experience

Vogue Korea, January 2015
Lee Seung Gi’s Delightful First Experience (Part 3)
English: LSGfan, Source: Vogue Korea

An epicurist, he is a walking restaurant encyclopedia and his other name is ‘culinary-gation.’ (referring to the ‘gation’ part in the English word ‘navigation’ also used by Koreans for ‘GPS’) “I feel like I go to all the restaurants said to be tasty. While filming the movie, I did all the guiding too. Sure, I also did the selecting. When we filmed [the movie] for two days in Jejudo, we went to the beef house of the owner we were together with during <1 Night 2 Days>.” This talked-about restaurant owner, rumored to close early when they run out of meat, closed his doors altogether upon talking with Seunggi in one phone call and let him use the restaurant as a whole.

A list of delicious restaurants is not the only thing which remains with him from <1 Night 2 Days>. Incessantly hearing that he didn’t have any cooking skills from Na PD and others, he was determined and learned how to cook. The tasty mushroom radish rice, daegu stew, roasted eel, oyster pancake he briefly showcased on <Three Meals A Day> were just the beginning. To Na PD who was doubting Seunggi’s cooking skills, Lee Seojin said, “All he has to do is go to sushi school in Japan and then it’s over.” When he’s filming dramas, it’s to the extent that his van has portable pots and pans and a burner on hand. “Since it’s better to make your own food. I know how to cook pasta, braised beef, and various other dishes.”

You can also see <1 Night 2 Days> Season 3 member Jung Joonyoung in the movie. He plays a younger guy role who has ‘some’ thing with Moon Chaewon, same as Lee Seojin. In the case of Jung Joonyoung, this is his first time acting. In addition to him, there were also a lot of new faces. And Director Park Jinpyo gave Seunggi another responsibility, on top of acting. The role of leading others as an acting sunbae. “I don’t really like those kinds of things. How much do I know about acting to be teaching others? It’s burdensome.” After filming for the movie finished, Director Park Jinpyo expressed that Seunggi is an actor like ‘a gumiho with ninety-nine tails.’ “I think he’s most close to the hard-working type genius.”

Having worked with the likes of top hard-working actors such as Hwang Jungmin, Seol Kyunku, Kim Myungmin, he stated that Lee Seunggi is the hidden card to this movie. “Rather than coming on set and intensely memorizing lines or practicing something or another, he remains infinitely relaxed. In other words, all his preparations have already been completed beforehand. He becomes Junsoo and continuously carries out that atmosphere. From a director’s standpoint, this is something to be thankful for. He is also an actor who strikingly adapts quickly. That kind of acting doesn’t just come out. I wonder if it is perhaps the endurance and force accumulated through various dramas over 10 years.”

Dotted silk gown is Kim seoryong, silk checked suit and shirt, and tie are all Vivienne Westwood, striped socks are Happy Socks, graphic patterned sneakers are Pierre Hardy, thick burgundy colored velvet pillows and orange H-block pattered pillows are Hermès at Hyunwoo Design.

Although it’s hard to believe, it’s been 10 years since Lee Seunggi debuted. Starting out acting in a sitcom, his first drama was <Famous Princesses> where he played the immature mama’s boy Hwang Taeja. He was 20 years old. “I was so frozen then. I wanted to do a good job, but I was busy just trying to get my lines out just as I had practiced.” It was only that his heart for acting came first, thus whether his acting would get better, when the day would come for his first lead role, everything was an unknown at the time. “Things have become more relaxing now. However, I think dramas and movies are different.”

As always, he directly sought out his sunbaes and got their advice. After <Noonas Over Flowers>, the acting teacher he leans on the most is Yoon Yeojung who we always saw patting Lee Seunggi’s back. As expected, it’s the same with Lee Soon Jae, who without hesitation named Seunggi as one of the hoobaes he has most affection for. Lee Sungmin, whom he became close to through <The King 2 Hearts> is also a sunbae actor he regularly follows. All of them are lavish in their compliments about Seunggi. What could be the secret to gaining the heart recognition of these sunbae actors well-rumored to be stern and distant within the industry?

“Well, let me see. If I knew the answer than I could use that forever, right? Ha ha. Merely, there is this. When I approach sunbaenims, I put forth all my sincerity. Since I really respect them. I wouldn’t be able to give to that extent for a sunbaenim I didn’t like since I too am human. However, one thing is for certain, popularity, personality, skills aside, if you’re a hoobae, there is a responsibility to respect all sunbaes when working together in this field.”

These days, his worry is finding the charms unique to him, within what people want to see of him and what he wants to do. “I don’t think any actor can absorb all genre ranges. Even for a good actor like Gary Oldman, his charms were not as noticeable in <Dark Knight Rises>. Whereas, his presence alone in <Leon The Professional> shined brightly.” To that point, <Love Forecast> was a smart choice for him. His familiar friendly image and natural wellness showcased through variety programs, the warm voice of a ballad singer, the perfect skilled talk also as an MC, and the delightful cheerful energy unique to Seunggi make him well-suited beyond measure for romantic comedy.

Although he has well-liked favorable looks, he is not the beautifully chiseled type. Thus, it is more realistic. If he were to film an action movie, we would meet a neighborhood action star like Robert Downey Jr. “I want to do that kind of acting too. Even when doing serious acting, there’s a cheerful, delightful aspect to it. I feel he clearly knows his own charms.” Opening an impressive second act in life through the <Ironman>series, as expected, the middle-aged Hollywood actor has many talents active as a singer-songwriter, comedian, and playwright. Tom Cruise, comfortably transitioning into whatever role he takes on, is also an actor he likes. How about Al Pacino, Sean Penn? “They are very cool in the movies. I follow along too. However, I don’t think people would be into me doing that kind of acting.”

Gold colored silk gown is Kimseoryong, checked jacket is Wooyoungmi, checked shirt and pants, red cardigan are all Vivienne Westwood, sneakers are Converse, botanic patterned curtains and orange cashmere pillows and H-block pattered pillows on the sofa are all Hermès at Hyunwoo Design.

After installing a home theater at his home not too long ago, he’s watched movies at random and he recently enjoyed <Inside Llewyn Davis> and <Inside Man>. These are movies where subtle emotions and black and white co-exist. If the former shows the infinite light-hearted everyday life within a heavy and melancholy reality, then the latter is liberal in its humor despite the urgent, pressing situation at hand.

Just now, having taken his first step into movies, he has yet to test his own limits. Everything is still nervous excitement for him. “When the movie opens, I will buy a ticket and go to the theater. I need to contribute to the tickets. Hehe. Even if it surpasses 3,000,000, we have to to have a party, party!” He is anticipating the Gyro Drop scene the most. He has acrophobia (fear of heights). “Anyway, since I overcame that and even acted, I’m most curious as to how that scene will appear on the screen.” According to those who counted, he rode the thrilling ride 37 times. “You’d think one would get used to it after riding it a few times, right? Not in the least. It’s really scary.”

Similar to Seunggi’s acrophobia despite the many times he’s ridden the Gyro Drop, Junsoo has a continued unfamiliar and fearful sensitivity about love. Nevertheless, ultimately he has no choice but to be courageous. Although he feels like dying, he doesn’t die. There’s one thing he wants to tell the many ‘love-phobia’ Junsoo’s of the world. Do as your heart follows. “For now, I’m throwing that out. Without regret. And if it still doesn’t work out, then you can give up. I think no matter what, it’s about confidence for guys. Even if a person isn’t good looking, and short in stature, a guy brimming with confidence and competence somehow seems cool.”

They say such charms from within automatically flow when a man gets into his 40s. Therefore, Lee Seunggi was curious to see his own self 20 years from now. Of course, at that time, it would be great if he continually acts and sings, just like now. For only one reason. “Because that’s what makes me most happy.”

End of the article.

Love Forecast officially opens on Jan. 14, 2015.

Seunggi, Chaewon, Director Park, the cast, and all the fans~ Fighting!!

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