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[ENGLISH] Cine21 Magazine – ‘Love Forecast’ Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon Interview, Part 2

Cine21 Magazine
Issue No. 986 | 2014-12-30 ~ 2014-01-06
English: LSGfan, Source: Cine21

Cover Star
<Love Forecast> Lee Seunggi, Moon Chaewon

Love In This Generation (Part 2)

It must have been hard to control your tone.  You’d seem like boyfriend-girlfriend if you were to become too close, on the other hand, you’d appear just friends if you were too distant.

LSG: Since Junsoo always shows up to patch things up whenever Hyunwoo has a meltdown, so it wasn’t that hard to regulate the tone.

MCW: There was this. There were some scenes in which she gets into another ‘some’ relationship even before her other dating relationship ends, and it was difficult to accurately convey that. I felt people wouldn’t be able to relate if I made a mistake. I mean in real life, how many relationships are there in which people are only friends for 18 years.  Nevertheless, after filming, I felt these difficult aspects subsided a bit while seeing the charms of Lee Seunggi, Lee Seojin, Jung Joonyung and the other participating actors. The director also has a style which allows actors to follow direction comfortably.

As this is the first film for both of you in which you are the main leads, you must have felt a big sense of responsibility.

LSG: It wasn’t that big. I’ve felt the pressure of tv ratings in filming dramas and it’s not like a project will do well because an actor feels burdened, and there are projects that do well despite having worried it wouldn’t do well. No one can know a final outcome. Apart from the acting, no matter how well the staff takes care of things, if you don’t act well, it means you didn’t properly portray your role as a main lead. Thus,  I felt most burdened about accurately portraying my character.

MCW: I would have felt burdened if I had experienced a bad result in which I played a main lead. Since I haven’t had that kind of experience, I didn’t feel as burdened. Meaning, should we just solely work hard if there’s no clear direction as to what type of picture should come out. Merely, we trusted that we had to film happily in order for a happy movie to come out. Seunggi too, me too, it’s also because we were able to pour our passion and enthusiasm into this.

Seunggi, how was it filming a movie for the first time after working in dramas?

LSG: Just as seeing a movie on a big screen and watching a drama every week while preparing a meal are different, I think they require a certain approach. Meaning, unlike dramas where the dialogue is the base,  movies are about depicting the many given situations through multiple devices. Just doing the same acting, I don’t think it’s that. At the same time, I won’t distinguish between movies and dramas. If it’s a good project, I’m all for doing it. It appears we will match up with 2014.1.8  movie <Sul-hae>. I’m worried about the response.

MCW: These days, Seunggi checks the internet everyday. (chuckles)

LSG: Someone told me, successful results are updated every night at 12am on a site that aggregates all the movie tickets across the theaters. When the movie releases, I plan to go somewhere like a PC room to check. I don’t think I could look at it from home. (chuckles)

Chaewon, you will be 30 years old next year.  As an actress, it must be a worrisome time.

MCW: Friends too, I worry a lot too. At the age of 29, I always thought I’d have a lot of the answers by this age, but I realized that wasn’t the case throughout this year. I still have child-like attributes so I tend to have serious mood swings when I’m feeling good and when I’m not. I’m not saying it’s immature to be that way… I don’t think becoming mature is just only all good. This year, I never even imagined I would take on a main lead and carry out a romantic comedy. Since I’ve always acted the role of a woman who has some hidden situation. Next year, maybe I’ll want to do a new-school type of project but this year, I didn’t want to cry in a project. I’m sick of crying. I’m always crying. (chuckles)

LSG: Me too, I’m always crying. When filming my drama, I cried three times a day.

You must be relieved <Love Forecast> wasn’t a new-school type of project.

MCW: Of course, as there are a lot of happy tears.

If you were to rate your partner.

LSG: I think Chaewon would be really well suited acting the role of a crazed woman like Rosamund Pike did in <Gone Girl>. (strongest burst of laughter)

MCW: I told you to stop saying things like that. (chuckles) Yes, I was so happy to do my first romantic comedy with Seunggi. To to the degree that after a few years have passed, I want to meet him again through a different story. That’s why after the movie filming ended, I even thought maybe I should have worked in a more aggressive way. Honestly, since Seunggi has a lot of experience leading various variety programs, you’d think he’d make fake-ish small talk. But in real life, he’s a friend with none of that. Since he simmers on his own. You never state anything from your mouth that doesn’t need to be said, right?

LSG: Of course, I never say such things. (chuckles)

Ok, seriously this Cine21 interview was daebak!!!!!

Curious when they did this interview and photo shoot.  Not sure if Seunggi was referring to the ‘Sul-jae’ movie because the storylines are similar or same release date. Since we know Love Forecast will be releasing on the same day as Ha Jungwoo and Ha Jiwon’s movie.  Whoa talk about heavy hitters.

Seunggi must’ve teased Chaewon about being like Gone Girl’s crazed Rosemund Pike and other kinds of crazy ladies a lot. Because he’s mentioned it in a bunch of different interviews. haha. Like, that she can be kinda scary! ala Hyunwoo. Seunggi’s always been a total typical guy in that he can’t stand girls that have drama. Ha.

Always so open and sincere in his interviews… like for 10 years! Expressing his thoughts and worries in a real way, when actors are often guarded about such things.  I love that he and Chaewon are different in personality and you really can tell she opened up a lot more because of him. As expected, our Guy!^^

Their close friendship and respect for one another is really touching. Just like we’ve consistently seen in all the videos and other interviews.

Unlike dramas, I like that actors get to come together again after advanced filming completes, to promote their movie when it’s release time.  Hard to believe we’re 2 weeks away~^^ Love Forecast #Fighting

Images: As labeled, LSG Thailand

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4 Responses

  1. I’m Loving the rapport.I want to see them in a drama again!

  2. I’m sorry, but could you please to explain what does ‘new-school type of project’ mean? Is it a movie/drama that has a tragedy story?

    • I’m not really sure, wasn’t really familiar with the actual Korean word ‘신파’ used in the article. But that was the translation. But I gather it means some sort of tone or concept different from a heartwarming, more happy-feel project.

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