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Love Forecast – Official Movie Posters, Stills, Emoticons

Liking these official two-set ones way more than the teaser posters released first.  Totally conveys the nature of Seunggi and Chaewon’s push-pull relationship in the movie!  Whoa Jan. 15 is like in two weeks~~~~~~

Love Forecast teaser posters:

Definitely did ‘teaser’ job of introducing the characters, in relation to one another. But I like how the above two-set released afterward conveys the core relationship of the twosome together.

Love Forecast official photo stills:

Love Forecast – Kakao Talk Emoticons:

#SoCute #Seriously

Seunggi: Shy Shy → Kiss → Me… Is it serious?

Chaewon: That’s nonsense → Today, what are you doing? → Push and pull?

Seunggi: Dream of me → What do you think? → It’s not like my heart
→ Merry Christmas →  Shy Shy

Chaewon: That’s nonsense → Is this ‘some’ thing??

Seunggi-Chaewon: Pat Pat ~~~~

Can’t wait for this scene…….. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Images: Love Forecast, CJ Entertainment

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