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[ENG] 2014.12.16 Love Forecast – Press Conference with Lee Seunggi, Moon Chaewon, Director Park Jinpyo

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Dec. 16, 2014 – Love Forecast Press Conference
English: LSGfan, Video: CJ Entertainment Official

[2014.12.16 Apgujeong CGV]

MC: Love Forecast~ Director Park Jinpyo, Lee Seunggi, and Moon Chaewon!

SG: As it’s my first time, I’m nervous. Playing the role of Kang Junsoo in Love Forecast, I’m Lee Seunggi.
CW: I play the role of Hyunwoo, and because I got to work with Director Park and Seunggi, it was really enjoyable and happy work.
D: I’m Director Park Jinpyo. Even though it’s cold, thank you for many of you being here.

MC: Lee Seunggi, how far do you think skinship can go when in a ‘some’ relationship?

SG: Hugs are likely. For me, I think holding hands would be more heart-fluttering than a kiss.
CW: I think at least kissing is likely [for a ‘some’ relationship]… because a certain mood can bring that about…
SG: The type of kiss Chaewon is talking about isn’t some frequent, rapid kiss (lol), but I think a mood kiss.

MC: How were Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon cast?

D: I’m really thankful to have met such a great well-matched couple. Early on, I wanted to work together on Lee Seunggi the actor’s first screen debut. For giving me that first opportunity, I’m so thankful. And Moon Chaewon is an actress I wanted to work with at least once.

MC: Your thoughts on your first screen start?

SG: I had only dreamed about the day I’d do a movie, so to have that become a reality, I’m happy and honored.

MC: Why did Director Park choose 18 years for the duration of the couple’s ‘some’ relationship? (the word for ’18 years’ in Korean = ship-pal-nyun, also means ‘bitch’ lol)

D: In part, to make people laugh. If there was X-nyun in Introduction to Architecture, there’s a ‘ship-pal-nyun’ vibe to our movie ㅋㅋㅋ

MC: Moon Chaewon’s charms?

SG: Moon Chaewon has two charms that are contradictory. In past projects, she’s done a lot of serious characters, but through this movie, there’s Chaewon’s hidden aegyo, brightness, cuteness.
MC: So it comes out like a gift set in this movie?
SG: Yes, I think so.

MC: If Lee Seunggi were to confess his feelings to you, how long would the ‘some’ aspect of the relationship go?

CW: 18 hours? (Good witty answer Chaewon ㅋㅋㅋ)

MC: If you were to recommend a new character for Moon Chaewon?

SG: I already recommended ‘Gone Girl’ to her.
CW: Stop saying that~! ㅋㅋㅋ
SG: Korea’s ‘Gone Girl’ female role is Moon Chaewon. I told her to get a bob-hair cut and let’s film a thriller together (puhahahaha)

MC: Director Park provided a really unique type of 10 won direction. What amount did you hear?

SG: I heard up to 30 won. I think 30 won basically meant, in a nice way~ Why don’t you act the scene again. I think 30 won means~ that’s not really it.
D: That would be more like 50 won.

SG: So 100 won must mean~ now, just stop acting (hahaha), and 1000 won~ bring your contract here! (omg lol)
MC: Daebak!
CW: I also heard up to 30 won. I think JungJoonyoung got the 50 won direction. (lol Actually I’m surprised he was cast; hopefully he’s not so bad. He’s repped by CJ&M agency).

MC: After filming wrapped, I saw all three of you rode the Drop Ride to commemorate success for the movie.

SG: After we completed filming, Director suggested that he and our actors ride it together. I still can’t forget Director shrieking. (hahahaha omg Director and Chaewon’s reaction). That was the loudest sound I heard during filming.

D: It’s a movie that says~ Don’t be frustrated by a ‘some’ relationship but let’s try dating sincerely and being in love.

CW: After watching the movie, the person by your side will seem more lovable and precious, a reminder that dating is supposed to make you happy.

SG: As you watch our movie~ that’s what love is really about. I hope the movie will leave you heartfelt after you see it. Please show a lot of love for Love Forecast. Thank you.

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