Awesome Screencaps of ‘Love Forecast’ Production Video – Lee Seunggi, Moon Chaewon, Director Park Jinpyo

Seriously love this!! Screencaps from the Love Forecast production video. Love how they included scenes from the movie and behind the scenes filming and fun cuts, and the interviews in the video. The location shoots really bring such a lovely natural atmosphere to the movie. Seunggi and Chaewon are seriously killing me, both in the movie scenes and off camera!

Seunggi while filming… gosh I love all these pics^^

Scenes from the movie – Seunggi and Chaewon:

omg I laughed out loud at the scene below~ Junsoo’s like~ wow, I thought I’d have to protect you but absolutely no one recognizes you! hahaha. Which of course pisses Hyunwoo off since she’s supposed to be a popular weather forecaster.

I’m loving Junsoo and Hyunwoo in like every scene~~~~~~

Ahhhhhhh so sweet.

This scenes is going to make me laugh so hard and also break my heart… for Junsoo.

Behind the scenes filming – Seunggi and Chaewon:

ahhhhhhhhh~~~ these two need to just stop. #LoveThem

Behind the scenes filming – Seunggi and Director Park Jinpyo:

Another one of my fave couples ㅋㅋㅋ #Bromance

Behind the scenes filming –

Seunggi, Chaewon, and Director Park all get on the Tower ride!

I just love Seunggi in this pic so much. I want to frame it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Images: fiesta0113

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