Lee Seunggi for Marley Coffee CF Endorsement – Print Ad Filming Stills

#CatchUpBlogPost Can’t wait for Seunggi’s first Marley Coffee CF to air in 2015!

November 13, 2014 – Marley Coffee News:
Lee Seunggi’s Print Ad Filming Still Cuts!
English: LSGfan, Source: Marley Coffee Korea

Lee Seunggi’s print ad filming still cuts!

Yesterday, at the Marley Coffee in Itaewon, Marley Coffee CF model Lee Seunggi’s print ads were filmed.

Lee Seunggi is really charming ♥

Lee Seunggi’s sweetheart / heartwarming looks and Marley Coffee’s one love image really match well together, right?!

Please continue to show a lot of support for Marley Coffee and Lee Seunggi^^

Remembering how Marley Coffee Korea site crashed  ㅋㅋㅋ The recently opened site wasn’t ready for heavy traffic yet^^

Already established elsewhere, the brand is launching in Korea for the first time. So who better than trustworthy go-to-guy Seunggi as CF model. #BusinessMarketing101

It’s also tied to CJ, which pretty much owns a big chunk of everything in Korea. Seunggi’s been endorsing A LOT of CJ products recently…

Love the pics Airens have shared from the Marley Coffee in Itaewon^^ The rest of the awesome print ad filming stills:

A few weeks prior, news about Seunggi’s new CF endorsement:

October 28, 2014 –
Mellow Lee Seung-gi to Be Chosen as Model for Coffee Commercial

English: GetitK

Lee Seung-gi has been chosen as the face for Marley Coffee by Marley C&V International.

Lee Seung-gi will work as a model for Café Marley Coffee and Marley Coffee from now on. He will also shoot TV commercial for the brand in a little while. His commercial will be aired in December.

Especially, Marley Coffee is being run by descendant of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley who always pursued peace. This is aksi Blue Mountain Coffee, which is originated from Mali.

Especially said, “Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi’s soft appearance perfectly fits the peaceful message <One Love> that Marley Coffee want to send to people.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-gi has been also chosen as the most desirable commercial model of 2013. He is also shooting his new film <Today’s Love>.

Loved the below pics of Seunggi (with Marley Coffee)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
From one of the MANY amazing fan events held by amazing Airens during the filming of Love Forecast. Sorta can’t believe the filming of the movie is over… 5 months went by so quickly, now that I think about it :)

Images: Marley Coffee, LSG Airen Fanclub

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