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[ENG] Lee Seunggi Takes Part in the 2014 KB Financial Group ‘Sharing A Warm Winter’ for the Widowed Elderly

(Photo: On the left- KB Financial Group CF model Lee Seunggi, on the right- KB Financial Group chairman and Kookmin Bank president Yoon Jongkyu)

December 11, 2014. KB Financial Group “25,000 Employees, 1-to-1 Volunteering” – Delivering Winter Necessities to the Widowed Elderly
English: LSGfan, Source: DongA Ilbo via Naver

With the slogan ‘Without customers, there is no KB’ KB Financial Group is launching various social service activities on behalf of customers.  On December 11, an event to provide warm underclothes and other winter necessities for the area’s widowed elderly was held at the Seoul Youngdeungpo Yeoeido Kookmin Bank headquarters.  On this day, KB Financial Group chairman and president of Kookmin Bank, Yoon Jongkyu and KB Financial Group CF model Lee Seunggi, and KB Financial Group executives and staff participated in the project.

The social service activities launch, in part, aims to restore the faith of customers which was tarnished by the computer system change controversy. In a recent meeting with employees, Chairman Yoon emphasized, “Through a series of situations, we learned a painstaking lesson about customer trust. Without customers, there is no KB.”

KB Financial Group decided to designate representative social service businesses through ‘Economy-Financial Education’ and establish an educational program that all their affiliate employees will participate in.  In addition, they plan to run in parallel, various volunteer activities that can benefit the youth, elderly and people from all walks of life.

According to a KB Financial Group representative, “About 25,000 KB Financial Group employees are involved in trying to spread social service work through 1-to-1 volunteer activities” adding, “especially through volunteering with local businesses to bring neighborhood revitalization, we hope to become closer with our customers and continue to actively contribute to public social service.”

(Photo: KB Financial Group CF model Lee Seunggi, KB Financial Group chairman and Kookmin Bank president Yoon Jongkyu, Korean Social Welfare Center president Choi Joohwan)

KB Financial Group was seriously SO thankful to have long-standing reputable CF models Yuna and Seunggi after the whole computer controversy and company leadership fiasco! KB already did a lot of charitable work, but glad they’re increasing this even more.

KB usually contracts with athletes and Yuna will probably be with them for a long time.  We’ll see if KB and Seunggi stay together for another year for 2015. It’s been 6 straight years and CF contracts are pricey.

Video news about the volunteer event:

December 2nd week – KB News
English: LSGfan, Video: KB Bank

(at 1:09~) Yesterday, KB employees participated in a social service project to provide winter necessities to the widowed elderly, and about 1,900 packages were delivered. On this day, KB Financial Group chairman Yoon Jongkyu and singer Lee Seunggi, as well as more than 150 KB employees packaged cover and pillow sets, scarves, hats and other winter accessories. Since 2010, winter and summer necessities packaged boxes have been delivered to more than 8,300 widowed elderly through these social service events.

Whoa~ this means this began soon after Seunggi became a CF model for KB Financial Group back in 2009. Hard to believe he’s been with KB for so long. Here’s Seunggi at the first KB package event for the widowed elderly back in summer 2010 >>>> Preparing gift packages for under-fed children [2010] #TimeFlies!

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