[ENG] 2014.12.24 Lee Seunggi Guests at Psy’s Concert, Mentions Upcoming Movie ‘Love Forecast’

(video: 자극적승기) – Because You’re My Woman

December 24, 2014 – Midnight, Guesting at Psy’s Concert.  The individual cuts are better on the ears, but love the fancam below – Seunggi’s full continuous performance and ment.  whoa love this close-up version and viewpoint from the standing-only section~~~~~ Because You’re My Woman, @3:15 Ment (Talk), @6:15 Smile Boy, @9:55 Let’s Go On Vacation.  English translation…

Seunggi’s ment/talk
English: LSGfan, Video:

Seunggi: I’m so happy to be here as Psy hyung-nim’s 2014 concert guest. And I’m really happy to meet you all. Everyone~ Merry Christmas. (Audience: Merry Christmas!) I came here last year too, and I’m not the type to guest at a lot of concerts but with our 10-year connection, I’m here today for Psy sunbaenim.

For his concert this year, actually, he told me to choose a date. I was going to avoid the midnight last concert, but I’m here. (Audience cheers^^) You like that, right? (Audience: Yes!!!)

Just for all of you, I didn’t even have a drink today and reverently came to guest on this eve. (lol Seunggi getting cheers from the crowd for that)

I hope to share a happy and enjoyable time with you… I came here last year too, but today, there are really a lot of people here, right? (Audience: Yes!!!) I hope you continue to attend. And my concerts too, if it comes to mind~ ㅋㅋㅋ

It’s no fun when the ment gets long, so… (Audience: Not true!!!!) You really don’t want to see Psy hyung that much (omg lol Seunggi laughing at his own jokes)

Personally, if I were to share something… not sure if you’re curious (hehe lol) But this year, I didn’t have much time for other kinds of projects and only acting… in drama and a movie. On January 15… some of you may know (more cheers^^), Love Forecast releases on January 15. When bored, if everyone here goes to the theater, it will be a big strength to me~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Really, have a great end of the year. And next year, with more good things and the things you’re planning, I hope all these will be turn out great.

Okay, enough small talk. Fitting for the last concert and full of energy, I hope you will excitedly enjoy this. So I was going to choose a ballad song, but I nixed that and will sing 2 rock-ish songs. Are you all ready~~?!?! (Audience: Yessss!)

Seunggi’s message to Airens right before the concert…. the leather pants ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Tryp96: [Eng] 14.12.25 From SeungGi

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3 Responses

  1. Ahh.. this witty guy is a mood booster to start 2015!! *^_^*

    “It’s no fun when the ment gets long..”
    Kkk.. but his always long enough and everyone love it since it always witty and fun..!! ^^

    Our Master of Promotion always find a nice way to promote his project (even others projects) in every changes!! Daebak wishes for Love Forecast 2015!!

    Thanks for the translation and Happy New Year!! ^0^/

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