[Audio] 2014.11.4 KBS Stories of Precious Sharing – Lee Seunggi Narrates ‘A Father Who Sees With His Heart’

#CatchUpBlogPost.  November 11, 2014 – KBS Stories of Precious Sharing / Sonagi, Episode 26: A Father Who Sees With Heart, Young-in’s Promise. It was actually the inaugural episode after the program (previously named Dong Heng, which Seunggi narrated for in past years) was dormant for a while.  Seunggi donated his time and narration skills for the kick-off episode.  I love how so much of his work and activities are continued through the years, versus a one-time thing.

14.11.03 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

KBS Donghaeng was canceled last year, but a similar program called “Precious Stories of Sharing” (SoNaGi) took its place. The new program underwent restructuring in the fall, and will restart broadcasting at 11:40pm KST on November 4 on KBS1.

In celebration of the 1st broadcast after restructuring, singer Lee Seung Gi sshi has adjusted his busy schedule and donated his vocal talent in dubbing! ^-^

source: kbssonagi
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

I think Seunggi’s narration over the years has really resonated because of his direct connection and involvement in the donation program about disadvantaged families.

Listen to Seunggi’s narration cut >>>>> DCLSG audio

Episode preview:  KBS Sonagi: A Father Who Sees With Heart, Young-in’s Promise.

No narration from Seunggi in this cut, but introduces the family story. It helps us to remember to give in the ways that we can, and not to sweat the small stuff as much and be thankful as the 2014 year comes to an end^^

KBS Sonagi: A Father Who Sees With Heart, Young-in’s Promise
English: LSGfan, Video: KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

[Slowly losing his eyesight, Young-in]

Doctor: There’s no modern procedure to fix the central intrusion into the optic nerve.

[Wanting to take in, see all that he can of his child Yong-jae, whom he had a late age]

Youngin: I’m trying to store everything like a CD so I can remember everything, in my heart.

[The tears of his Vietnamese wife as the light fades away.]

Wife: Since surgery is not possible.

[The unstable footsteps of a father who wants to guard his family]

Youngin: My eyesight isn’t good now, but I have my loving family by my side.

[Will the light of hope come back to find Youngin’s family?]

[Stories of Precious Sharing. A Father Who Sees With Heart, Young-in’s Promise]

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