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[ENG] Dispatch: Lee Seunggi Performs and Donates at ‘2014 Salvation Army – Lee Sunhee Sharing Warmth Concert’

[December 24, 2014] Dispatch:
Seunggi To Her Left, Seojin To Her Right… Lee Sunhee, Special Holiday Charity

English: LSGfan, Source:  Dispatch via Naver

It’s ‘Ga-yo Queen’ Lee Sunhee. My cute emoticon pose, gwiyomi seen for the first-time since 30-year debut.

She can be like that because…

To her left OOO. To her right OOO.

They are men who are most cool when they’re working.

They are Lee Sunhee’s real-life servants(?)






“To her left, Seunggi”

“To her right, Seojin”

There’s another reason Lee Sunhee was all smiles. Precisely because Gayo’s original Unni Brigade, Lee Sunhee’s fanclub ‘Hong-Dang-Moo’ had gathered.

“Impressive original Unni Brigade”

“I think I have good fortune. To be with such popular guys~ (LeeSunhee)

“Wherever Teacher goes, we mobilize.” (LeeSeunggi)

“Lee Seojin came here dragged by his nose. Haha. (LeeSunhee)

“I came here to listen to Teacher sing.” (LeeSeojin)

The ‘Hook Family’ gathered together in one place. Lee Sunhee, Lee Seojin, Lee Seunggi were there to donate their talents for a special charity event. Actually, this day’s main highlight was Lee Sunhee. Lee Seojin and Lee Seunggi came to work.

This past Saturday on December 20, we were at the site of the ‘2014 Salvation Army Together With Lee Sunhee Sharing Warmth Concert.’ The excitement was impressive to the extent you could’ve called it ‘Shinchon Victory.’

Lee Sunhee was one of the first to appear. As soon as she got out of the car, she attended to her fans. It seemed she was worried about the below zero temperature for fans. “See you later at the concert~”

Actually, Lee Sunhee was a bit exhausted. Last March, she released her 30th anniversary album ‘Serendipity.’ Afterward, starting in April, she began in Seoul and then traveled to Busan, Daejun, Daegu, Ulsan, and Kwangju.

According to a Hook Entertainment representative, “In November, The Salvation Army contacted us. As the economy declined this year, donations to The Salvation Army kettle/pot had shrunk in half. Hearing this, Lee Sunhee decided to offer up her talents toward donation.”

“I’m here to donate my talents/abilities” (Lee Sunhee)

“Seojin-ee is also here”

“Today’s Seunggi~ here”

Lee Sunhee, Lee Seojin, Lee Seunggi got on the Shinchon Player Bus. It was a time to live memories from long ago. Inside the bus, Lee Sunhee’s albums over the years were on display.

“Legendary albums”

“Shall we play them”

The atmosphere was heartwarming throughout. Even during the interview, the three were delightful and joked around with one another. They also gave donations, and talked about meeting the fans.

“Just seeing them makes me feel strong and supported”

“Today’s Love (X) Worker (O)”

Finally the sharing concert began. Lee Seunggi took the stage first. Lee Seunggi is a Ballad Prince in his 10th year since debut. However, on this day, he expertly became a ‘decoy.’

Nobody directed him. He took it upon himself. And as expected, a ‘special class’ decoy is different. He warmed up Shinchon just by appearing on the stage.

“Hello. I’m Lee Seunggi. Today, my mentor Lee Sunhee sunbae-nim’s special concert will take place. I thought I’d participate together so I could be helpful.”

“I’ll do some warm-up right before the main stage. I thought I’d let you hear a song that embodies the end-of-year atmosphere. Please follow along together with ‘Return.'”

☞ Forget ‘Servant’, ‘Worker’, ‘Heodang’ Lee Seunggi. He revealed his true Ballad Prince self.

“Return to Ballad Prince”

“Forget Servant Seunggi”

“Sweet mellow voice”

“Sleek chin-line”

Lee Seunggi successfully completed his decoy role. Despite the cold weather, fans waved their hands, and sang together. Afterward, Lee Seunggi carefully took out a white envelope.

Actually, Lee Seunggi is an entertainer active in charitable activities. He financially donates and supports the underprivileged, and has also offered and spread forth his own talents through donation. Last August, he also supported low-income teens all the way in the United States of America.

“I prepared an envelope. It’s not so big of an amount. I hope many of you here will also give and participate in the Salvation Army donation event. I hope the the end of the year will become more warm through small donations.”

“The weather is cold but…”

“Warmth with the envelope~”

“You did good~ you did good” (LeeSunhee)

[Excerpts on LeeSunhee and LeeSeojin were not translated]

In the end, the activity of fans were impressive. The fanclubs of Lee Sunhee, Lee Seojin, Lee Seunggi altogether gave over $9,000 USD on-site and donated 14,000 coal bricks to The Salvation Army.

Dispatch has returned back to their typical Seunggi-reporting recently ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Great to see Seunggi together with his Lee Family~~~~~^^
I like the idea of ‘Lee Family’ better than ‘Hook Family’ lol.

Great job Korean Airens~ I know they donated a lot!

Photo of the Lees with Salvation Army representative on the Player Bus.

Some fan pics from the Shinchon event. Seems like a lot of fans found out about it last-minute. It was Teacher Sunhee’s concert, and with it being a charitable event, highly likely that Seunggi could be there^^ Love seeing our guy in simple, classy winter wear… with his sweet voice.

Aw~~~~~~ Seunggi and Teacher. Always SO heartwarming.

Images: As labeled

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  1. It’s really warming. Thank you, I watched the article (in Korean) and only understood Lee Seung Gi’s name xD. I also love the Lee S family, I hope they get bigger with more members and if hook wants some advice, I’m glad to offer my services for Seung Gi’s sake.
    (just kidding :P )

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