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[ENG] 2014.12 Merry Christmas Messages From Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon to TV Viewers

Video cuts and promos from Seunggi and Chaewon~ #MerryChristmas

2014.12.25 SBS Connect Movieworld – Christmas part cut
English: LSGfan, Video: 조림이

Reporter: We are together with ‘some’ movie~ Love Forecast’s Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon. It’s Christmas, so I prepared presents.

Seunggi: For us? (shaking the box) It’s very light~ ㅋㅋㅋ
Chaewon: Thank you.
Seunggi-Chaewon: Wow~~~~~~
Chaewon: They’re headbands.
Reporter: You can wear them.
Seunggi: Well… I thought it was a present! (Seunggi and Chaewon immediately look at each other and their reactions~ lol)

Reporter: Next time we’ll prepare something better!

Seunggi-Chaewon: Movieworld viewers~ Merry Christmas!
(In reindeer headbands~ can’t help but to repeatedly say~~~ Awww!)

Seeing Seunggi in reindeer headband reminds me of the pics from his Hope Concert in Daegu last year >>>>> Lee Seung Gi in Holiday Red for Christmas Eve 2013 Hope Concert in Daegu Whoa seriously miss this.

Seems like so long ago :(  How ironic that the concert was in Daegu and Seunggi played the role of Eun Daegu in You’re All Surrounded this year.  Seriously still wondering what the writer was smoking?! We so needed more Seunggi and Ara. And annoyed that Hook totally didn’t come through… again.

It’s been a very interesting 2014 year….

I’m really curious to know what Hook did this year while Seunggi worked his @$$ off… aside from doing nothing while others dragged Seunggi into all sorts of ick news, and totally not representing him as he deserves.  It’s like Seunggi had his busiest year since debut, yet Hook did nothing to showcase any of that… *sigh* It’s heartbreaking just thinking about it, so I’ve been partying and celebrating with family and friends!!!… and jogging a lot this holiday!!^^

This year kind of showed that Seunggi is not totally ‘untouchable’ as many always thought for him.  Still a cut above most, but standards and expectations are always higher for him. And the 1.1.2014 news definitely made a small dent in his career this year…. So it’s a good thing our guy’s career is built on talent, hard work, respect, sincerity! And a great close-knit circle of family and friends!

I think one of the best things ever this year was the filming of Love Forecast during the latter part of the year and his reunion with Chaewon~ all their interviews are so sweet and genuine. And I’m so glad he got to work with Director Park Jinpyo. Really excited to see how the story unfolds~ And totally stoked that he gets to start the new January 2015 year with this~~~~~~

2014.12.24 [Starnews] Christmas Greeting from Seunggi-Chaewon
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Seunggi-Chaewon: Starnews viewers~ Have a Merry Christmas

[Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!]

Love Forecast holiday poster promos~~~~~~~~

And December (2015!) month~~~
From Love Forecast showcase calendar^^

Images: As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. And the 1.1.2014 news definitely made a small dent in his career this year…

    what do you mean by that comment? lol I know what your talking about, just do not understand what you mean.

  2. huhu agree, i think so too….01.01.2014 news made a small dent in his career this year, but i believe it’s one of his source of happiness also hehe~ completed his life as a man with a great career & have a love life also~ cos great career without love relationship, sometimes empty~ but only seunggi knows, fans can only make assumptions lol~ i just hope 2015 will bring more happiness to our seunggi (and family) & for us all, god speed~

  3. I’ve discovered some fans have very high expectations of him. It seems if he is not number 1 in anything, everything really, then he is not doing well. The fact is, no one can remain the “it guy” forever. Naturally there will be some ebb and flow, up and down. But I agree with Anonymous above. I am glad he gets to do what he wants to do with his life. And I wish him all the happiness and joy he totally deserves.

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