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[ENG] 2014.12.28 SBS Special ‘Singer Lee Sunhee Comforts the Nation’ – Lee Seunggi & Teacher’s Photoshoot

English translation of brief Seunggi and Teacher cut~~~ #VerySweetAndAwkward

2014.12.28 SBS Special: Singer Lee Sunhee Comforts the Nation
(Lee Seunggi cut)

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

SG: Okay, now the start of the long-awaited main stage… My eternal mentor (cut to Teacher’s reaction to Seunggi’s intro~~~^^ Aw), Korea’s top vocalist, I introduce Teacher Lee Sunhee! Teacher~!

(cut to footage from Teacher Sunhee’s photoshoot)

Narration: Soon, a special guest arrived…

SG: So should I stand in the back?
Photographer ChoSeiHon: However you want. Go with your conscience.
CREW: Sit next to her.
(So Seunggi sits next to Teacher)
CHO: You’re going to sit next to her?
SG: I don’t think this is it. I’ll stand back here…(omg #Awkward lol)
CREW: Sitting together is better.
LSH: I like sitting together.
(Seunggi takes a seat next to Teacher again #AwkwardAgain ㅋㅋㅋ)

Narration: Awkward and stiff, the student and teacher are alike.

CHO: Naturally. Comfortably. (hehehe)
LSH: Just now I was going to lean on Seunggi but Seunggi froze up. (Seunggi laughing!!!) Ya~!!!! You should make things feel at ease!
SG: I’m really comfortable, Teacher.
LSH: Really?! (omg she’s like my mom! sweet but such presence! )
SG: Totally comfortable, Teacher. (omg her reaction’s like~ yeah right. So Seunggi on cue, making things okay~~ hugs Teacher makes her smile^^)

SG: Teacher’s charm… first off, an innocence that’s unlike her age? Really close up, for people who know her, it’s not about the business aspect of life for her , but just real music. She has the soul of innocence.

(cut back to Shinchon concert footage… Teacher Sunhee, after a short break, gets ready to take the stage for the finale)

LSH: I didn’t realize it’d be this cold. Singing won’t work.
SG: (his characteristic laugh) Are you okay Teacher?
LSH: I’m not okay. Aigoo, it’s cold.

Narration: A person who gets cold easily, a winter day not spent indoors, but what would be the reason for a street alley performance?

LSH: Seunggi too, and Seojin also, we’ve always been like this. Meaning, we’ve always done work like this without putting things on display. Thus, honestly, it’s not that different this year. It just seems different because cameras came and shined on us. (referring to the 2014 Salvation Army Together With Lee Sunhee Sharing Warmth Concert, Shinchon)

SG: Teacher, fighting for the finale!!

[Full Video] 2014.12.28 SBS Special:
Singer Lee Sunhee Comforts the Nation

(video: ahensksnsmstptkd)

Images: Naver

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