2014.10.31 Lee Seunggi At ‘Fashion King’ VIP Screening

October 31, 2014 ‘Fashion King’ VIP movie screening. With Seunggi’s movie release in a little over 2 weeks, posting a few pics and fancams. One of many posts I’d been putting off^^ Excited for the Love Forecast screening in January 2015!

And for the Love Forecast screening…… Mr. Cody and Ms. Hairstylist and Hook~ please do all the appropriate prep for the sake of Seunggi, ok?! Um, like this will be an important public event… in case you didn’t know. Jebal~~~!!! The movie is about 20-somethings in love, NOT ajusshi-stuff anything, ok?!^^

Seunggi so handsome at this screening event.  I would’ve gone with more dressy shoes like Tods and a non-buttoned-all-the-way-up-shirt, but seriously, I’m just uber happy when the ensembles are tailor-fit and the hair is under control. Can’t believe this is still my same cry cry cry since 2009! oy.

[Fancam] Seunggi like a boss, being his ‘Princely Self’ #LoveThisMusic

(video: sh Reine)

[Fancam] Clear fancam but very loud~~ #OurGuyAlwaysThePro

(video: 승기사랑선희사랑)

I always totally geek out when I see Seunggi in glasses!
But not when there’s unnecessary bad hair and bad fashion involved.
Thankfully, at this event, hair + outfit + glasses were yessss!!!!!

Dispatch and their usual video fare lol~ Seunggi at 1:08~

(Video: dispatchsns)

Images: As labeled, Twitter

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