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[ENG] 2014.12.28 Running Man Ep 228 Preview – ‘2015 New Year Special’ Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon

English translation of the preview for 2015’s first episode of Running Man #CantWait

Dec. 28, 2014 – Running Man Ep 228 Preview: Seunggi & Chaewon
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

2015 Year

2015 New Year Special Guests

Nation’s Heartwarming Guy Lee Seunggi
Innocent Beauty Moon Chaewon

(Seunggi-Chaewon rising up into winter wonderland stage #Awww)
Jaesuk: Ya~ Seunggi-ya~ It’s Seunggi and Chaewon.
Kwangsoo: It’s Moon Chaewon, Moon Chaewon.

Seunggi: We’re insured, right?
(omg our guy making sure proper laws and ethics are in place lol)

Spreading the Start of the New Year
All-Kill Variety of It Trend Actors

(Sliding down a snowy hill in the snow?!)
Seunggi: No no no~ it’s not!
Chaewon: I have to drop them~?!

Potently Prepared

(Seunggi drinking funky blue liquid~ ala My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?!)
Seunggi: Drink this?!
Chaewon: Who would eat this?!

Celebrating With Their Whole Bodies
New Year Variety

Seunggi: Hyung! Not there!
(omo Jaesuk reaching in Seunggi’s jacket while Kwangsoo holds him!)

Chaewon: (inaudible~ omo ice-pass via mouth-game with Gary!)
Jaesuk: Slowly slowly (puahhahahaha)

(Black jacket runner appears with ‘Monster’ sticker on back~ interesting…)

Nervously Excited~ Thus Hearts Beating
Shocked~ Thus Hearts Beating

Nation’s Representative Charming Guy-Girl
Heart Beating Race

Seunggi: We don’t have time! I’ll go find it, just wait~
(omg exasperated… with Jaesuk? Just like the Water Sniper episode lol)

Next. Week. New. Year. Special.
Guy-Girl Dating

Seunggi and Chaewon for 2015’s first episode of Running Man~^^

So fitting for 2015’s first romance movie Today’s Love / Love Forecast!!

The Running Man episode is scheduled to air on Jan. 4, 2015.
I think it’s possible we may get a part 1 and part 2 episodes over 2 weeks?!

Can’t wait for this upcoming episode!  Hope the Running Man production team put together a worthy plot and arc.  The 2012 Water Sniper 007 RM episode with Seunggi and Shinhye was SO epic.  The 2013 RM episode with Seunggi and Hyejin totally deserved way better! (Seunggi bringing Bora with him to promote his Hope Concert duet performance lol).

Can’t believe we’re inching up to Seunggi’s movie release date — Jan. 15, 2015!!

Really hope Seunggi and Chaewon get to promote their movie… all their hard work and talent… their awesome friendship and chemistry on Running Man. And all their upcoming movie promotions! For the start of the 2015 new year, they so deserve it all!  Let’s get excited people~~~~!!!!

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4 Responses

  1. wow,our lsgfan is today sooo hardworking .Thank you very very much for all the translations <3

  2. Yeah, I hope the brains behind RM got their creative juice going this time…Seung Gi and Chae Won would be terrific under duress hahaha!

  3. do u know what the song during ji hyo and jong kook do bite-ice challenge?

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