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[ENG] ‘Love Forecast’ Movie Making Production Video – Why Lee Seunggi + Moon Chaewon? Why Director Park JinPyo?

English translation of ‘Love Forecast’ Behind the Scenes production video~

All the footage of Seunggi and Chaewon, and Director Park Jinpyo have been so consistently so sweet and awesome. Seriously can’t wait to see the movie as a whole. Hope they include BTS footage at the end of the film during the credits roll #LoveIt #CantWait #15Jan2015 #LoveForecast

Love Forecast Making Production Video
English: LSGfan, Video: CJ Entertainment

[Love Forecast. 100% Realistic, 100% Relatable. Production Video]

SG: (Seunggi and Chaewon wrap a day of filming with a supportive hug, and thanks Director Park) We completed another scene today, you worked hard.

(I’m totally loving all these awesome outdoor location shoots!)

CW: Go-Go-Go~~~~!!!

[WHY Lee Seunggi + Moon Chaewon? Director Park Jinpyo’s decision, the birth of a couple that causes us to date!]

Director: I wanted to work on the ‘first’ of Lee Seunggi the actor. He is like a nine-tailed gumiho. He’s both very hard-working and close to genius-like, and he’s the type to enjoy and unleash all this on set through all the hard work he’s built up via a lot of preparation.

Director: Chaewon is kind of like a monster. At some point, there will be a day when that actress explodes. She’s raising several monsters within her.

(Scene of Chaewon drunk, crying in front of Seunggi)
SG: Why are you doing such a good job? Our movie’s reverberating message was decided today!
(Chaewon’s reaction~~^^ Aw Seunggi is really awesome, bringing out the best in his partners; why the ladies love to work with him~)

(Behind the scenes of Seunggi-Chaewon on set~ omg my faves!)
Director: When the two actors got together, I thought this is going to work. They were so well-suited together.

(More Behind the scenes #LoveIt)
CW: Like Hyunwoo and Junsoo, I feel like my chemistry with Seunggi was like that in real-life too.

SG: There were a lot of great ideas that came out and reverberated throughout while filming. Therefore, there were a lot of adlibs for scenes in which the two are bickering back and forth.

SG: There are hitting scenes too… I was shocked because she hit better than I thought ㅋㅋㅋ.
CW: I didn’t prepare that. That came from instinctual fidelity~

[WHY Park Jinpyo? Extraordinary insight about love, the birth of a different class of romance that has a delicate sensibility!]

SG: For me, I really like Director Park Jinpyo’s perspective on dating and love. It’s never light in nature.

CW: A humaneness particular to the director. Charming but a joy and happiness also brewing inside that’s found in ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and also seen in our movie.

SG: The director creates an atmosphere that allows actors to pour themselves out in front of the camera without being calculative.

(Behind the Scenes footage)
Director: So we’ll go once Junsoo is ready^^?
SG: I’ve been ready since way before~

LSJ: It was great to work with the director. Since he trusted me.

JJY: Since the director is a highly reputable director, people around me told me I shouldn’t feel burdened, told me to be comfortable. He’s delightful.

SG: [Director] has a habit. It was the first time I received this kind of direction~ about 10 won, 20 won, he gives such expressions.

(Behind the scenes footage)
Director: Try taking it down about 10 won.
SG: Okay.
Director: About 15 won.

SG: I think it’s a way to decrease any burdens when he’s offering acting alterations.

[WHY A realistic and relatable romance. 100 realistic, 100% relatable, 2015’s first romance]

Director: Usually, about 25-30% is filmed on sets, but this movie was filmed almost all on-location… like Hongdae, Kyungleedan road, Itaewon area, etc. We found a lot of hot places for filming. I think this can become memorable to movie-goers~ “Ah that place was so pretty, I want to go there.” Not because we made it that way, but the nature of the real places.

CW: ‘Some’ is like~ your heart didn’t realize we should try dating.

Director: The feelings you have before you’re in love… I think that’s what ‘some’ means.

JJY: During ‘some,’ being in love, not in love, seems like you’d date but not date…

SG: ‘Some’ is like~ it’s a word that take’s life’s great fantasy — love — way too lightly, so personally, I didn’t really like it when ‘some’ was popular. Because the word makes things seem a bit lightweight. Although it may seem over sophisticated, I would hope that feelings about love are not watered down. And I’m glad as that’s the message of our movie. I think it’d be good if there was a bit more realistic take about things. (Aw Seunggi, you’re such an amazing guy! You seriously deserve only the best!!!)

(Behind the scenes footage)
CW: Let’s jump! (bunjee jumping!)

SG: It’s not okay It’s not okay! (tower lift ride!)

SG: Let’s ride it one more time!
CW: Bunjee jump is close by?!
Seunggi: No no~~~^^
(omg everytime they hug on set, I’m like Aw~~~~~~~^^ #LoveThem)

CW: I’m nervous, wait! (hehe Seunggi’s characteristic laugh in background)

(Seunggi and Chaewon practicing slap scene ㅋㅋㅋ)

CW: Needless to say… Am I a spectator?

CW: Seunggi, you must be tired~
SG: No no~ (Awwww just ONE of the piggy-back scenes!)

SG: Fighting! Fighting! Everyone’s worked hard~

Crew: Ok here we go!
CW: Our movie, let it be daebak~!
SG: (Yelling something~ just totally excited and happy!)

Seunggi, Chaewon, and Director Park are seriously pure love!

And Seunggi and Chaewon together are seriously impossible not to love^^

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