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[ENG] 2014.12.16 Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon Sing Duet Lyrics to “Some” at ‘Today’s Love’ Showcase

English translation of cute clip of Seunggi and Chaewon’s duet~ sorta…^^

Dec.16, 2014 Today’s Love showcase event for fans
Video: lsg 빛나다, English: LSGfan

[Seunggi and Chaewon are joined by Soyu & Jungigyo who sang the hit song ‘Some’ and are asked to sing the song~]

SoYu & Junigyo: this is a really hard song, the lyrics are complicated.
SG: This is a difficult song.

[Chaewon practices the lyrics with the MC]
SG: Sounds like gang-jang gong-jang (basically just making stuff up! lol)

MC: [Tries to get them singing] Ok 5, 6,7, 8~
Soyu: Wait the girl’s part is different. (Chaewon’s expression ㅋㅋㅋ She’s like what~~?! Soyu goes over the guy and girl part lyrics as Seunggi and Chaewon attentively listen. They are both serious about their work, ya know!!!)

CW: Why is it so complicated?!
MC: Why are you getting mad at me?!  [MC practices lyrics with Chaewon again~) Ok you’re going to have to sing this within today!

@0:54~ (Seunggi letting out a big whoa sigh~ like this is complicated lol).
MC: 5,6,7,8~
SG: (to Chaewon) I’ll do the ‘my’ part~
CW: But Seunggi sings well… (complimentary pats his arm~^^!)
MC: But Chaewon’s very lovable too (lol) Ok 5,6,7,8~

@1:05~ (Seunggi sings his lines like the pro singer he is!)
CW: (to Seunggi) Why’d you do a good job?!
MC: Come on Chaewon, he’s also a singer!
SG: (hahaha omg his reaction expression’s to Chaewon like~ come on, what do you expect?! lol) I’m a singer! Come on, I’m a singer. It’s not like I can purposely sing bad! (omg Chaewon’s reaction laughing! They are too funny!)
MC: Ok again 5,6,7,8~

@1:25~ (MC tries again to get them to sing!)
SG: Wait, we’re doing it again?! (omg lol)
CW: I’ll do it together with you~ (They start singing together but Chaewon stops mid-way~ Aw they are really too cute) Ah~ the key is high… ok ok I’ll do it.

@1:43~ (Awwww so Seunggi sings at a lower key!  Our guy is the best~ her reaction #Awww. And they finally make it through the song! hahahaha. Chaewon does her part and gets a little clap from Seunggi at the end~)

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  1. Thanks!! But can you please translate the behind the scene it seems like they had so much fun making the movie

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