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[ENG] 2014.12.21 MBC Section TV – Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon Talk Movie ‘Today’s Love’ Chemistry

English translation of the interview.  Can’t help but to love these two!

Dec. 21, 2014 – Section TV
‘The Most Romantic Couple Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon’
Video: ashoka1006, English: LSGfan

[Today’s Love showcase clip~ Seunggi and Chaewon duet ‘Some’]

R: Not friends, but not lovers… two people navigating a delicate situation in a ‘some’ relationship. Liked by men and women of all ages Nation’s Ho-Gam (bringing about favorable feelings, affection, fondness) Lee Seunggi, and innocent yet with opposite charms Moon Chaewon are the main characters. We met them through movie, Today’s Love.

LSG: Playing the role of Junsoo in Today’s Love, I’m Lee Seunggi.
MCW: Playing the role of Hyunwoo in Today’s Love, I’m Moon Chaewon.

R: This winter’s most romantic couple will wake you from your dating slumber, let’s meet Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon.

R: Two people who’ll make you want to start dating right away, Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon. 

R: This is Lee Seunggi’s first movie since 10-year debut?
LSG: It wasn’t meant to have some deep meaning… I had received several scripts in the past but I hadn’t met one that made me think~ I really want to do this. Fortunately within 10 years, I met this great movie.

R: The movie Lee Seunggi met within 10 years, Today’s Love, is a romantic comedy about the ‘some’ relationship between Junsoo who’s been friends with a popular weather caster Hyunwoo for 18 years.

[Movie clip~ Hyunwoo: Ultimately, you don’t arouse me!]

R: How was your chemistry?
LSG: Great.
R: Out of a 100 points?
LSG: Over 90 points~

R: More than 90?! How about for Moon Chaewon?
MCW: (to Seunggi) What are you saying? Earlier, I gave you 100 points!
LSG: (to the reporter) Ah sorry~ who am I to be giving points?! ㅋㅋㅋ
R: I’ll take that as 100 points!

[Clip of Hwan-Seungmi from 2009 SBS Brilliant Legacy]

R: When the two of you connected on Brilliant Legacy, Moon Chaewon played a one-sided love character.
LSG: Therefore, all the melo we weren’t able to express then, we thought, we need to fire it up in this movie!

R: But aside from Chaewon, in a past Section TV interview, you said you wanted to reunite with Han Hyojoo…
LSG: Why are you bringing that up here? (omg Seunggi and Chaewon’s expressions say it all~ like reporter please! lol)
MCW: (to the reporter) What do you mean?
LSG: You don’t need to hear it!

[Clip from past Section TV interview~ Seunggi: Reuniting again with Hyojoo, whether in a movie or drama, I think it would be really fun~ (hahaha Hyojoo said same thing in an interview around the same time too!)]

LSG: (to Chaewon) That’s not what I meant~
MCW: Must have been 100 points with her~ (hahahahaha)

R: In a past interview, you mentioned you weren’t that close…
LSG: (to the reporter) Why are you like this today?!
R: No, this is something Chaewon said…

LSG: (lol changes on cue~ to Chaewon) Hey, what’s up with that?!
MCW: It hadn’t been long since the drama ended, and I had said we aren’t super close yet.
LSG: Are you sure? Are you sure? (giving her evil eye and giving her a nudge! Aw they are so cute)

[Caption: The two of them so comfortable joking around]

R: In the movie, you’ve been friends for 18 years. Do you think that’s possible?
LSG: In the past, I would’ve thought~ How is that possible? But as I get older and meeting friends along the way, I think it’s possible.
MCW: It’s not easy for guys and girls to be friends, but I always believe there’s a real comfort level relationship that a same-sex friend can’t provide.

R: Chaewon, do you have that?
MCW: I do… although I don’t know if the friend thinks the same~ (lol)
LSG: Aren’t you giving that friend no room for doubt now?! hahaha (omg)

R: If you met this type of person in real life?
LSG: You mean Hyunwoo, whom Chaewon played?
R: Yes, if you met Hyunwoo in real life?
MCW: Why are you at a loss for words?! (hahahaha)
LSG: That would be really hard for me. Really hard! In the movie, she drinks, lays it all out, gets drunk, hits people… that would be really hard.

R: In reality, Seunggi even makes cookies and gifts his fans and even cooks, a total romantic guy. Did you learn?
LSG: Yes. I went to a school and learned.
R: I heard you went with your mom. (Awwwwww!!!)
LSG: There’s a certain number of people per class and they needed more people! So I called my mom and asked~ What are you doing? (lol) Since if mom learns, then she’d prepare these for me~ It’s like an investment; so I dragged her in! (ha Seunggi always practical and sweet! Yay for awesome moms!!!)

R: I heard Moon Chaewon is really jealous of male actors.
MCW: Yes~ Among the characters for male actors, there are a lot of characters I wish I could do.
LSG: Like ‘Ajushhi’?
MCW: I’m like ajusshi?! (cracking up! omg these two)
R: Shall we see Moon Chaewon’s ajusshi?! Aw, she’s still pretty.

LSG: Section TV viewers~ I hope many of you will go to the theaters to watch Today’s Love.

MCW: I think it will be a time to think about what’s lovable and precious. Make sure to watch it.

R: Thinking about love this winter, we’ll anticipate these two and their movie.

Okay these two are making me seriously love their friendship!!!!  I love how they call each other ‘nuh’ and ‘yah’ in all the interviews and press stuff~ which is typically rare in formal settings.

They need to release a movie with just their behind-the-scenes cuts!

Can’t wait to see the movie.  January 15, 2015~~~~

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7 Responses

  1. Thank you for the translation!!!
    Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won chemistry daebak! :) :) <3 <3

  2. Such a lovely interview…thank you so much for the translation.

  3. Thanks Anne!!I’m getting all giddy with this movie.. :D

  4. Thanks for the translation. These 2 are just too cute together. Even if the storyline sucks, their chemistry is enough to make the movie good! Each interview they do, is already so fun!

  5. Thank you for the translation, LSGFan. Those articles out there are just way too OFF. Some are even made things up. It is so.bad.



    It make me question their purpose on writing such made up things

  6. Ahh I have been waiting for those two to be main leads since shining inheritance. I loved their chemistry there especially there was a scene where they almost kissed each other. Since then my OTP was them in that drama yet he ended up with han hyo jo. Whatever at the end he was happy but they looked so good together. Finally my dream came true :))

  7. Thank you for the translation :)

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