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[Today’s Love] After Filming Piggy-back Fall Scene, Seunggi Sweetly Massages Chaewon’s Head *swoon*

I am still SO not over this behind-the-scenes video clip *seriously swoon* Really love their comfortable and natural, yet professional friendship. And when he’s piggy-backing her… omfg lucky girl has her hands all over his been-working-out chest!

Seunggi and Chaewon AND Seunggi and Director Park Jin Pyo~~~ #LoveIt

Teacher Junsoo~~~ Hwaiting!!!!!! Hyunwoo is going to be a handful^^

Really curious as to how Junsoo and Hyunwoo’s relationship will evolve…

Seunggi: For anyone, the first is pretty important~~ #TodaysLove #2015Daebak

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