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[ENG] ‘Today’s Love’ Movie Teaser #1

English translation of Today’s Love – Movie Teaser #1~~~ #Jan2015 #CantWait

Today’s Love – Movie Teaser #1
English: LSGfan, Video: CJ Entertainment Official

Student: Teacher, did you watch ‘Introduction to Architecture?’ Is Teacher’s girlfriend a bitch too?

[Girlfriend~ Not girlfriend but…]

Hyunwoo: Shut up, you a$$hole!

Junsoo: Ouch!!!!! (as drunk Hyunwoo bites his ear! LOL omg hilarious and kinda sensual at the same time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Hyuwnwoo: I’ve become a shrill~ I don’t know what love is! (drunk and crying as sweet Junsoo comforts her lol)

[Why is she drinking with ME…]

[Yet having ‘some’ thing with OTHER GUYS?]

Hyunwoo: I miss him… (Junsoo piggy-backs drunken crying mess Hyunwoo~ but just can’t take it anymore and eventually flings her off his back lol) My tailbone!! Ouch it hurts!

Junsoo: (frustrated and venting to his friend) And I’ve been standing right behind her for 18 years!

*Noteㅋㅋㅋ Dramabeans: LOL, they totally made them friends for eighteen years entirely for the pun — ship-pal nyun (“eighteen years”) to shibal nyun (“fucking bitch”) — and even pause on her face for effect.

[18 years…]

[I still don’t get YOU]

[From ‘You Are My Sunshine’ Director Park Jin Pyo~ 2015’s first romance]

Hyunwoo: Hurry up hurry up!
Junsoo: Let’s go together (oy having to carry her bags lol)

Junsoo: I don’t easily get angry, I’m considerate, I’m sensitive~

Students: Hello Teacher~
Junsoo: Ah hello there.

Junsoo: Isn’t a guy like me not that bad and okay?
Hyunwoo: No. Ultimately because I’m not aroused~ (oy puahahahahaha)

[For all of you frustrated due to ‘some’ thing relationships]

[Today’s Love | January 2015]

Can’t believe there’s only a month and a half left until the movie premieres!!!

January 15, 2015~~~ So exciting.

Seunggi and Chaewon~ you guys worked hard. Fighting!!

And kudos to jjang Airens for ALWAYS making it about the success of Seunggi AND his projects as a whole! Seriously love ya all, as does our Seunggi^^ Fans of actors who play the main lead know the importance of this kind of support oh so very well! :) There’s a reason our guy is so beloved^^

Albeit slowly in some cases, but eventually Airens support Seunggi AND his female co-star, whether they are our fave or not. Especially on project fan pages like Soompi^^ Airens jjangㅋㅋㅋ  Hope the few overzealous, slightly misguided, annoying fans don’t make me disinterested in Chaewon because I haven’t been following her projects at all… until now.

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One Response

  1. Hi, LSGfan.
    Thank you for the translations :)
    Hope what some of those annoying misguided fans won’t make you disinterest with CW. Those people don’t represent the majority of her fans. I dare say, they are insecure shippers than fans.

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