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[ENG] 2014.11.30 MBC Let’s Go! Video Travel – Coming Soon Movie ‘Today’s Love’ Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon

English translation of MBC tv program cut~ #TodaysLove #Daebak

Nov. 30, 2014 [MBC] Let’s Go! Video Travel – Coming Soon ‘Today’s Love’
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Known for romance movies, Director Park Jin Pyo meets Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon. Let’s meet ‘Today’s Love.’

Junsoo who looked after lovely Hyunwoo for a long time…

Hyunwoo: Shut up you a$$hole!
Junsoo: Ouch!

Hyunwoo: I’ve become a shrill~ I don’t know what love is!

Always getting dumped by bad guys, then continually clinging to Junsoo~ Hyunwoo.

Hyunwoo: My tailbone!

Junsoo: And I’ve been standing right behind her for 18 years!

Not understanding that was precisely the problem~ sweet elementary school teacher Junsoo.

Junsoo: Isn’t a guy like me not that bad and okay?
Hyunwoo: No. Ultimately because I’m not aroused~!

The unexpected nature of today’s dating world, movie ‘Today’s Love.’

[Clips from Director Park Jin Pyo’s previous movies — You Are My Sunshine, My Love By My Side]

Man: How can love change? Once you love…
Woman: It changes, love.
Man: I wouldn’t change, love.

Couples that only know love and get stronger as they hurt~ Such stories of love, Director Park Jin Pyo’s new project after 5 years is…

[Clips from upcoming movie, Today’s Love]

Hyunwoo: Either thrust me against a wall… or protect me until the end.

As this is Lee Seunggi’s screen debut and he’s partnering with Moon Chaewon, there’s a lot of interest.

Junsoo: Women are really difficult.

Unlucky in love, playing the role of sweet elementary school teacher is Lee Seunggi.

Seunggi: It’s a genre [romantic comedy] I really like and someone I’ve really wanted to work with, Director Park Jin Pyo, and friend and peer Chaewon~ I’m personally really happy to have done this movie.

[Clips from the filming set of Today’s Love]

Exactly as he said, the filming set was fun and comfortable for them to act.

Hyunwoo: Everyone, let’s go and catch real rainbows with me!

Shedding her past image and showing a different charm previously unseen is Moon Chaewon.

Chaewon: She’s the most popular weathercaster, and her image goes back and forth when she’s broadcasting and when she’s not. She’s cheerful and spunky.

Their NOT-boyfriend-girlfriend romance is reality people can relate to.

(At 2:13~ Chaewon feeling bad for Seunggi during the piggy-backing scene filming takes #VerySweet)

Chaewon: Seunggi, it’s hard for you.
Seunggi: No, no.

We’d be disappointed if left out in a romance film — having to carry a drunken girl — this scene…

Chaewon: Now why is this different than before, a clever road, the road is kind of like this… (omo did Chaewon have to really fall to the ground?)

(At 2:26~ ok seriously Seunggi is just too sweet, per usual. Naturally reaching over to make sure his partner is doing okay, rubbing the back of her head. Our guy~^^ #AlwaysSoThoughtful)

This was not an easy scene~

Junsoo: Ah seriously!!
Hyunwoo: Ouch my tailbone! Hey!!! It hurts!!
Director: Cut!

(At 2:44~ Attentive Seunggi even off camera #AsExpected)

Seunggi: Chaewon-ah, are you okay? (Aw calling out from off-camera^^)
Chaewon: Yeah~ (sounding a little damsel-in-distress-ish^^)

Like real-life, Moon Chaewon’s acting helped to wrap today’s filming.

(At 2:51~ Director Park Jin Pyo, Seunggi, Chaewon~)

Director: Totally nailed it (Aw Director’s hug for Seunggi #Bromance)
Seunggi: Ah no, it was nothing… We made it, again today, we made it (Aw Seunggi’s encouraging arm around Chaewon, talking w/ Director #LoveThem)

Captured scene by scene on the filming set, this twosome’s sweet romance…

Hyunwoo: Hurry up hurry up!
Junsoo: Let’s go together~

The evolving delicate relationship of this ‘some’ thing man and woman… will they eventually be able to switch on the green light signal?

We knew we’d get great chemistry when the casting was first announced…

And based on the KBS Entertainment Relay interview, we knew they were super comfortable filming together since they’ve been friends since Brilliant Legacy drama…

But these few-second snippets of Seunggi and Chaewon on the filming set of Today’s Love is~~~~ seriously too sweet and awesome.  So glad they had fun and could reunite as friends and peers like this. More behind the scenes cuts please!

January 2015~~~~ please come soon!!

Junsoo-Hyunwoo fighting!!!
Rooting for the relationship to make it through all the hardships ㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. Thanks for the translation!!!!!! ;)

  2. Hi, LSGFan. We are planning to sub the video -MBC Let’s go! Video Travel and wondering whether it is okay for us to use your translation? We will definitely put your name and your site on the subbed video as the credit.

    Thank you so much!

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