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[ENG] 2014.11.08 KBS Entertainment Relay – Lee Seung Gi & Moon Chae Won Talk Movie ‘Today’s Love’

English translation of the interview with screencaps/gifs~ #TodaysLoveFighting

11.8.2014 KBS Entertainment Relay
Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon’s Sweet Romance
English: LSGfan, Video: KBSEntertain

R: The two of you are in a ‘some’ relationship…?
(썸 ‘some’ is a popular Korean word that means there’s ‘some’ thing, a push and pull developing between a guy and girl, most likely leading into a romantic relationship)

LSG: Now it’s beyond ‘some’~ we’re in for true love and the movie is about that.

[R introduces movie]: Is it ‘some’ or is it romance~? If you’re a man or woman unsure and grappling with this, then this is a movie you need to watch~ Today’s Love. Just like the unpredictability of the weather, a romantic-comedy that paints a story of young adults in love. (omg the movie clips of Seunggi and Chaewon, especially him piggy-backing her as she bites his ear! ㅋㅋㅋ #LoveIt)

R: This is your first movie. You must have been very cautious.

LSG: I only did dramas after I began acting. Time passed quickly, and thinking about my first movie… I became cautious about it. At the same time, I didn’t feel very courageous to do a huge production, so…

MCW: [laughing] So, are we some small production?!

LSG: [chuckling] That’s not what I meant~ (lol Seunggi standards ㅋㅋㅋ)

R: Honestly, as a main lead, your shoulders are burdened with responsibility, like~ this has to turn out well.

LSG: Well, we all share and take that [responsibility]~ haha. I mean we’re all taking part in this~ ㅋㅋㅋ If it doesn’t do well, we all don’t do well together! (lol everyone busts out laughing)

MCW: Oh is that how it works~?! hahaha.

LSG: Everyone has a part. Why would I only take it? hahaha. If it does well, it’s on all of us.  And if it weren’t to do well, then it’s on all of us. There’s no such thing as ‘only because of me~’ ㅋㅋㅋ (lol Chaewon totally losing it!)

[Movie clip of Chaewon’s character as weather forecaster~]

R: The most memorable weather forecast outfit for you~?

LSG: Well, the weather forecaster outfits are… great~ (Chaewon’s reaction ㅋㅋㅋ lol everyone laughs)

R: Why say it with such a grin~?

LSG: No no no~ [laughing as he looks at Chaewon] the forecaster outfits are…

R: Are they body-clinging or loose?

LSG: If loose, they’d be pajamas~ (puahahaha even cameraman shaking w/ laughter)

R: The first thing you look for in the opposite sex? Not something like~ the heart!

MCW: Um… the way he laughs~

R: You find that to be charming~

MCW: Yes, I look at that.

R: Well, Seunggi owns that area…

MCW: But of course~ (on cue~ they look at each other #TooCute)

LSG: I can’t do a midway laugh well~ (lol so out of the blue. everyone laughs) You know, a lovely type of smile where your teeth don’t show. I can’t do that. (omg Seunggi being totally serious ㅋㅋㅋ)

MCW: Try doing it now. (ok Chaewon~ Seunggi’s AWKWARD midway smile!)

R: This time, a psychological test to figure out the hearts of you two~ You’ll have to first do rock-paper-scissors. 1-2-3…

MCW: Why are you doing it so late?! (hahaha she’s cracking me up!)

LSG: What do you mean?! You can’t do it like this. We have to go like gawi-bawi-bo~! (If they’re already like this off-screen, they’re gonna kill me on-screen!)

LSG & MCW: Gawi-Bawi-Bo~~~!! (Chaewon’s evil eye when he beats her ㅋㅋㅋ)

R: Scissors means that one tends to obsess over the person he/she likes. Do you agree? You didn’t know that, right?

MCW: How about me?

R: Paper means that one doesn’t tend to be shy at all around anyone of the opposite sex! Doesn’t hold on to anyone who comes by nor anyone who leaves. (puhahaha poor Chaewon has to grab pillow, laughing in disbelief)

LSG: So going along with anyone is paper~ (omg Seunggi rubbing it in!)

R: No that’s not what it means!

R: This time, a test based on beer drinking preference~ Today, you finish filming and go home and have a refreshing glass of beer. How do you pour your beer? 1- Pour only halfway so there are no bubbles. 2- Pour just enough so the bubbles don’t spill over. 3- Pour until the bubble spill over.

MCW: Number 1!

R: You pour only halfway so there are no bubbles. Since you can’t drink a lot.

LSG: Well, I just drink from the can~ (ha always precise!)

R: Choose from one of the options.

LSG: Just on purpose?! I guess I’d probably pour so it wouldn’t overflow.

R: Ok, 1- pouring only halfway so there are no bubbles… means one is humorous and flirtatious and tends to be popular!

MCW: What does this make me out to be?! hahaha.

R: But that one’s gestures and expressions are all charming. Ok, 2- pouring just enough so the bubbles don’t spill over… means an upstanding and sincere person.

LSG: Ahh~

MCW: Wait, we need to switch!

LSG: Hey then what does that make me?! haha. If we switch, what does that make me out to be?! (omg they’re cracking me up~)

R: Do you typically like psychological tests?

MCW: I really like them.

R: You like saju and tarot reading too…

LSG: Chaewon also likes palm-reading.

R: You know how to palm-read too? How were the lines of Seunggi’s palm?

MCW: The lines of his palm distinctly reveal… he has great spousal fortune.

R: Ah~ he has wife fortune. Second?

MCW: He has a line of fortune for wealth.

R: His fortune in money is great! Wow, thirdly?

MCW: There were practically no non-fortunes…

R: Wow~

MCW: Except that he’s not the type to be popular wherever he goes… I think~ hahaha.  (ㅋㅋㅋ lol everyone busts out laughing!)

LSG: You should say that first, not last! It’s like~ you have great fortune in spouse, great fortune in wealth, but you’re not the popular type~ hahaha. When she told me that, I was like~ oh okay ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅋㅋㅋ

R: Wow Seunggi, you have a great fortune line in money!

MCW: As he gets older, the wealth is totally *kwaak fist gesture* concentrated! (whoa Chaewon very serious when she talks about this stuff~ she’s really into it!)

LSG: Ok, I’ll call you when my money disappears~! (everyone busts out laughing. Cute how Seunggi addressed Chaewon informally as~ “nuh”~ both so professional, yet comfortable #LoveThat)

LSG: 2015’s first romantic movie…

MCW: Today’s Love…

LSG: Greatly anticipate it!

Oh Seunggi~~~
We just heart you more and more each time!
Seriously a super special one-of-a-kind-star.

Seunggi and Chaewon~ rooting for you guys and the movie!
Glad it was a happy reunion for these two.
Looking forward to Today’s Love promotions!
And great character acting from the both of them.

Can’t wait to see the KBSworld ENG-subbed version of this interview~ even with some of its cringe-worthy ENG subtitles! Never easy to translate Korean cultural context and humor, but people’s gestures and expressions are definitely way more universal! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Glad Seunggi and Chaewon got to reunite 5 years later after Brilliant Legacy for this movie.  Soooooooooo looking forward to it!

Images: As labeled, foxmim blog

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  1. Thanks Ann for the translation!!! I couldn’t help but have a big smile while watching and reading this. They are so look cute!!

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  5. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for sharing all about Lee Seung Gi. May I ask you more about LSG and also your experience being his fan?

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