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[ENG] Cuckoo ‘Hybrid Eco Range’ CF – Lee Seung Gi Cooks and Makes Us All Want A Chef!

[October 20, 2014] Cuckoo ‘Hybrid Eco Range’ CF, 30s
English: LSGfan, Video: LSG_TH

Seunggi: I’ll introduce you to a new chef…
(He’s using a cookbook properly on a stand~ and his knife skills #LoveIt)

Seunggi: More efficient. More strong.
(whoa sizzling sound as he cooks and his expression~ #SensoryOverload)

Seunggi: More intelligent, Cuckoo.

Cuckoo Hybrid Eco Range Voice: The warmer is starting.

(whoa~ he even has time to read in-between cooking and preparing a meal for his guests!ㅋㅋㅋ Seriously love all the kitchens in Seunggi’s CFs~ always SO sleek and sophisticated! Really perfect for our guy!)

Seunggi: It’s touching this time too, isn’t it?
(ok I really miss his foodgasmic reactions~~~ food looks SO amazing!)

Voice: Making life more delicious, more awesome.
Cuckoo Hybrid Eco Range.

(omg my mom needs to buy me this new chef Cuckoo Eco Range!)

So in the new Cuckoo ‘Curved’ Ricecooker CF last month, Seunggi was romancing a super lucky girl, cooking by the lakefront,  glamping style.

Now this month, he’s cooking for a super lucky girl and another couple, entertaining them at home.  He’s a guy that does it all~ what can we say?!

Love ya Seunggi!!  You seriously deserve the best^^

We need to see Making Film for these CFs, please~~~~~~~!!!

The shorter 15second CF version:

[October 19, 2014] Cuckoo ‘Hybrid Eco Range’ CF, 15s
English: LSGfan, Video: LSG_TH

Seunggi: I’ll introduce you to a new chef…
More efficient. More strong.
More intelligent, Cuckoo.
It’s touching.

Voice: Cuckoo Hybrid Eco Range.

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