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[ENGLISH] Oct 2014 Asian Newsweek Korea: Lee Seung Gi, A Man Who Has It All ②

[October 2014] Asian Newsweek Korea
Cover Story – Lee Seung Gi
English: LSGfan
Source: Asian Newsweek Korea LIYUE at DCLSG

ANK: Music, drama, and now you’re branching out to the big screen. As this is your first movie project, why did you choose <Today’s Love>?

Seunggi: First off, I read the movie script and I had so much fun reading it.  I’ve always liked the romantic comedy genre, and I always wanted to do one.  And also involved in directing was Park Jin Pyo, a director whom I’ve always liked, and knowing that my actress co-star would be Moon Chae Won whom I worked together with on <Brilliant Legacy>, I chose this because I felt I could enjoy the filming as I take on my first movie.  Even now, I’m having fun filming [the movie].

ANK: <Today’s Love> is Lee Seung Gi’s first big screen debut project and is helmed by director Park Jin Pyo who directed <You Are My Sunshine>, <Voice of the Murderer>, thus it is getting even more attention.  Do you feel burdened at all about the project or filming?

Seunggi: New challenges are always burdensome.  Not only new challenges, but with any of my work, I feel burdened.  Director Park Jin Pyo tends to be delicate in his directing.  Thus, he always meticulously checks rehearsals on set prior to filming, and through ongoing conversations about the overall atmosphere and acting, he’s able to capture the character.  Hence, I’m able to shake off any burdens and act comfortably.

ANK: What aspects, if any, concern you the most as you film <Today’s Love>?

Seunggi: In the movie, the character Kang Jun Su is a type of person who could commonly exist within our circles.  With this type of personality and bearing, I’m most concerned with portraying how he would express himself when he is in love, and the way in which he would do this.

ANK: If there is anything you expect from Director Park Jin Pyo as you film the movie. Or, if there is anything Director Park Jin Pyo wants from Lee Seung Gi.

Seunggi: There isn’t anything in particular we expect from one another.  Just, like now, it would be great to continue communicating a lot and having fun while filming.

ANK: If you were to express the movie <Today’s Love> in one word.

Seunggi: Although we’ll have to film a bit more to know, I would simply say a ‘comfortable yet appetizing movie’ without any additional seasoning.

ANK: Lastly, if you were to give a hint to fans, who are waiting for the movie <Today’s Love>. Can they enjoy it more by focusing on certain aspects while watching. Are there any aspects that should garner more interest?

Seunggi: Just that it is romantic movie that could resonate with people anywhere in the world.  It is a love story that anyone can relate to, and has or will experience at some point.

ANK: Not only Korea, but your popularity is hot in China and Japan too.  Do you have any plans for activities abroad in the future?

Seunggi: I’m always open to activities abroad whenever the opportunity and conditions work out.  A little while ago, I visited the United States LA for <K-CON>, and upon meeting fans interested in my work and pouring out their affection, I had a grateful heart as I could sense their content hearts as a whole.  I want to make for more opportunities where we can connect on a more closer level.  I also want to work with directors or actors in different countries and I’d be happy, if through such projects, I could get closer with fans abroad.

Per usual, Seunggi’s interviews are always a great read.
Still the same sincere and thankful guy.  Even now.  After all these years.
And still getting lots of respect from those who interview him.

Excited to see Lee Seung Gi in years to come…
Something tells me he’ll be just as awesome and consistent as he is now…
But probably even more awesome and amazing^^ #Respect

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8 Responses

  1. I heard some fans said this magazine just editted his past interviews as his interview with Starnews last month and his interview on SBS Hanbam interview and others on internet? If it was true, it was upset when they put their imagine question themselves and sticked it on Seung Gi’s mouth as if he answered their questions directly… Anyway, thanks for your translations.

    • To Anonymous,
      I admit I have not done a thorough check and compare what’s printed here with those on other interviews, but, if you are right, that they took materials from his past interviews, your only complaint was that the reporter grabbed credit that’s not duly his / hers. Is that such a big deal? Who should be the focus here? Shouldn’t it be Seung Gi? As long as he is not misrepresented, this kind of publicity (even cover treatment no less!) should be welcomed by all fans. Why be upset when he is getting some wonderful PR work done by others? By the way, the magazine is in Korean and Chinese, and now translated into English by our lovely Ann, so its reach is indeed international. I am so happy!

  2. Thanks for sharing this interview in english Ann. Like you said Seung Gi’s interview is always a great read! and your comments about Seung Gi is just awesome and a great read as well! Always makes me feel so proud to be an Airen! again, thank you!

  3. Thank u for ur hard work dear. I appreciate everything u do for us Airens. God bless u.

    :) so happy to know he will make an album. Waiting patiently but excitedly for it.

  4. I very like Lee Seung Gy acts in comics romance film, his eyes show in romance scence , very beautiful

  5. When will Today’s Love be released? How can international fans see it? Thank you for the translations and all your hard work for the fans!

  6. Really appreciate all efforts to translate LSG’s updates to English- i can’t seem to be able to purchase his Forest 5.5 Mini album – is there anywhere i can get it. Appreciate assistance.

    • Sorry, I’m not sure… I got the special edition photobook version at the Korean bookstore when it came out… wow can’t believe that was 2 years ago!

      But you should ask twitter@Tryp96. She’ll know, or will know how to find out b/c she’s awesome like that!

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