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[Firstlook Outdoor Tracksuit CF] Lee Seunggi Takes a Stroll… Eliminating Boundaries Between City & Outdoor

[September 2014] Seunggi for Firstlook Outdoor Tracksuit CF
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Wherever… Freeing.
(Seunggi takes a stroll, while reading a book at a bookstore~)

Wherever… Cool.
(Seunggi takes a stroll, senses cool fall weather~)

Eliminating the boundaries between City and Outdoor~ First tracksuit
(Seunggi takes a stroll… headphones, drink in hand, rides bike~)

Outdoor’s first common sense~ Firstlook

[September 21, Sunday 10:40pm broadcast]

Seeing Seunggi stroll wherever… #LoveIt

Great CF concept. Makes me get all in the mood for the cool fall weather!

Seunggi really has a special way of making people feel good and happy.

Miss you Seunggi~

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