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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – Main Points ①

September 8, 2014. StarNews is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and they interviewed Seunggi, also celebrating his 10th anniversary year since debuting in 2004.  Hope Navercast does an English-translated version of the 3-set interview since they’ve done it before.  As expected, Seunggi is sincere, humorous, reflective in the interview.  Kudos to StarNews for focusing on ‘Actor-Singer Lee Seunggi’ and his career from 2004 up until now… and well, his CFs and all his #1 public survey rankings over the years ㅋㅋㅋ #Respect

Lee Seunggi In His 10th Anniversary Since Debut, ‘My Woman…’, ‘Heodang’ ① [StarNews 10th Anniversary – Lee Seunggi Interview]
September 8, 2014
English: LSGfan via StarNews

In September 2004, StarNews launched its real-time entertainment news.  As StarNews is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, we met with actor-singer Lee Seunggi who has fully packed his 10 years.

He has captured the hearts of many female fans by showcasing stable acting in a variety of projects and with his heartwarming looks, from a charismatic younger brother to even the top romanticist, he has established an image all his own step-by-step, thus when we mentioned his 10th year since debut, he calmly responded, “Already?”

As StarNews has been together with Lee Seunggi during his 10 years, we were able to find shining moments that had not been fully told before.  It was sufficient to make us anticipate 10 more years of the cheerful and serious charms unique only to Lee Seunggi.

Here are the main interview points from my @LSGfan tweets here with the photos~~
It’s a pretty lengthy interview. Really Hope Navercast posts Eng-translation!

◆ Debut, and also attention (2004-2005)

‘(Go)Hyunjung noona’ at the time w/ Hook Ent, told Seunggi even tho Nonstop5 is sitcom, there’s acting context, so to work hard.

◆ Ideal Type of Noonas, and Mentor (2006~2007)

Seunggi said Psy hyung (composer of his debut song) has sentimental charm apart from the uber-energy; he’s a brilliant musician.

Seunggi said teacher/mentor LeeSunhee really simply has superior vocals, while he does the best he can through effort.

◆ Heodang, and It Guy (2008)

Asked about his Uhm-Chin-Ah yet Heodang-ness, Seunggi cringes/laughs remembering some 1n2d incidents… and NoonasOverFlowersㅋㅋ

Seunggi never imagined BL would be so popular. It was PD Jinhyuk’s first. Hyojoo needed daebak project. Chaewon, relatively new.

◆ Actor, and Multi-entertainer (2009)

Achieving next-level stardom in 2009, maintaining thru 5yrs, Seunggi was asked~ the 2014 male-star rivaling his then popularity?

Seunggi chose ParkHyungSik a positive energy. Good or lacking in acting aside, he has his own character, hopeful/good to others.

Seunggi looking handsome, cleancut for the interview shoot~~~~~~~~^^
The hat and the totally-buttoned-up-look(!) wasn’t necessary but like usual, Seunggi’s smile is all we need.

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  1. Thanks for your translation ^^
    But from what I see from Seung Gi’s and other celebrities’s English articles on Starcast, I don’t think Navercast will translate this interview, it seems excepting the earlier premier days, they’ve never translated any long interview articles since then. They always post the English version a few hours after the Korean version released, but now it has been a week, so I think an English version for Seung Gi’s interview is really hopeless.

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