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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – ENGLISH ③

September 8, 2014.  Since it’s the last part in the interview series, English translation – StarNews interview with Lee Seunggi ③. Ha, Sunggi really has been ranked #1 on so many surveys and polls consistently for so many years.  It was a clever way for StarNews to close out the interview and summarize who Lee Seunggi is.

Lee Seunggi In His 10th Anniversary Since Debut,
‘Lee Seunggi ○○○ 1st?’ 

[StarNews 10th Anniversary – Lee Seunggi Interview] September 8, 2014

English: LSGfan via StarNews

In 2014, StarNews 10th anniversary together with Lee Seunggi’s 10th anniversary since his debut.  As a singer, as an actor, and also as a variety personality beloved by the general public, Lee Seunggi has swept the #1 rankings in public surveys like that of a buzzed about star. 

When StarNews checked all the news articles related to Lee Seunggi coming in #1 in various surveys and polls over the years, those alone made for several hundreds.  As the measurement for public popularity, does Lee Seunggi agree with the way the general public sees him through these survey results?  We asked Lee Seunggi about some of these things.

◆ Lee Seunggi is a hard-working, diligent entertainer?

Lee Seunggi has always had a strong model student, diligent image.  Thus, in related surveys, he’s been #1 a lot.  In education/schooling related surveys~ #1 Star I want to be privately tutored for in my exams, #1 Male Star to be tutored by, #1 Star who’d probably do well on his college entrance exam, and more.

He graduated from university within the same number of years as traditional students, and he was also class president in middle school and high school. While Lee Seunggi nodded at the mention of some of these survey results, he further explained as well.

Lee Seunggi said, ” I think it’s correct that I’m more of a hard-working, studying type than instinctual.  #1 Star who would probably come in first if he were to take his college exam again?  I really don’t think that’s true.  In that case, I think Sung Shikyung hyung would do the best.” 

Lee Seunggi confessed that even if something may not be conquerable, he tends to completely pursue it, thus living up to his sincere, hard-working reputation.  He said, “My thought is to work as hard so that I have no regrets.”

◆ Lee Seunggi is a warm-hearted guy?

Lee Seunggi has also been chosen as the warm-hearted star who would be good to their family and friends.  He’s been selected as the #1 Star who would treat their parents well, and the #1 Star to introduce parents to at Lunar New Year, together along with Kim Tae Hee.  The #1 Son-In-Law at Chuseok time, and also the #1 Star who would be a good dad.

Seunggi said, “I am close with my parents. And I talk a lot with my mom.  ‘Therefore~’ I listen to what my mom says.  That’s also something I learned.  A long time ago, thinking I had to take care of things, I was about to and I got in trouble for that.  It’s something I understood after being told, ‘It’s not that I’m asking you to take care of it, but just something for you to hear out.’  However, it doesn’t mean that I’m so different from others.  I’m the same son, and I gave my parents heartache. And I’ve heard my mom say, ‘Wait until you have have a son like you.'”

And he remembers something. A relative had said ‘I really wish I had just one son like Lee Seunggi’ and Lee Seunggi’s mother in ‘so cool’ fashion responded, “I’ll lend him to you for just one week… you’ll probably want to return him.”

◆ Lee Seunggi is popular among the ‘noonnims?’

Lee Seunggi debuted with ‘Because You’re My Woman.’ Thus he’s always been very popular among the noonas.  In one survey, beating out Hyunbin, Jo Insung and others, he was chosen the #1 Star that Ajummas Like.  The passionate noona and ajumma fans have been one of the strongest driving forces that have made Lee Seunggi the top domestic appliances CF model.  Lee Seunggi chuckled saying, “I acknowledge that.”

There are also a lot of passionate Lee Seunggi ajumma fans.  Lee Seunggi nodded in agreement and chuckled saying, “I’m so thankful to them.  As time goes by, I feel that I’m becoming more and more thankful to them.

◆ And Lee Seunggi is?

Actually, there’s been so many surveys and polls in which Lee Seunggi has been chosen #1, it’s hard to touch on all of them.  #1 Alcohol beverage model who could easily stop drinking.  Lee Seunggi said, “I think I could do that. I like to enjoy good food with good people, and enjoy having a drink with that.  However, I’m not the type to drink just to drink for no reason.  I just like to drink enough to fit the mood.” 

Although Lee Seunggi experienced his first sageuk in the fusion sageuk ‘Gu Family Book,’ prior to that, he had also been selected as the #1 Male Star who would fit sageuk well.  Lee Seunggi’s response to that was probably because he is a ballad singer, that seemed to fit well.  Lee Seunggi wants to take on a traditional sageuk in the future, and probably that will happen.

Chosen as #1 Male singer that matches well with fall, Lee Seunggi said “It’s probably because I am a ballad singer.”  However, in reality, winter is Lee Seunggi’s favorite season, saying he likes snow and when it’s snowing.  During 1 Night 2 Days, he had to sleep outside in a tent during the freezing winter, to the point where we couldn’t believe it.  When we asked him about this, this is how he answered.

Lee Seunggi said, “At least the freezing winter is better. At least people can tell you’re suffering in the freezing winter.  But when it’s hot, you feel like you’re going to die because it’s so hot, but people can’t tell.”

Seunggi is seriously too awesome and precious… for like 10yrs!
A rarity in K-entertainment. Happy 10th Anniversary Since Debut Seunggi~!

Really love that Seunggi has such a close-knit family.  And love that although he and his family are super private, he talks about his mom a little bit here and there. 

They always say you can tell a lot about guys who are close to their moms~~~~^^

Yay for awesome moms!  And for awesome guys like Seunggi!

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3 Responses

  1. Love him more and more

  2. Haha! I love his honest to goodness responses, and I also love his mum’s responses! “Wait till you have a son like yourself” – he must have been in one of his stubborn moods. And “you’ll probably want to return him”…after a week! Lol!
    And I’m glad to be an ahjumma fan!!!! Thanks Seunggi for appreciating me!

  3. Lee seung gi is number 1. His voice is warm.sweet.sorft. He wear clothing, looks very Manly.Sexy.Cute.Atractive. He says very clever, comics, fun. I wish I am a little sister of oppa. Super Cute

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