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[Dispatch] Lee Seunggi’s Palpitating Date… Noonas Over Flowers Warm Chemistry (feat. Yoon Yeo Jung)

September 6, 2014. Over the Chuseok holiday, Seunggi was ‘caught’ (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) having brunch and catching a movie with beloved veteran actress, Teacher Yoon Yeo Jung (67) whom he first met through The King 2 Hearts (2012) and then again via Noonas Over Flowers (2013). Yoon Yeo Jung is still doing movies and dramas in her golden years and still very much sophisticated chic.  Her fashion-industry son may have something to do with that too!

Glad we get ENG translated versions from NaverCast and Dispatch, but sometimes the KOR–>ENG translations are a little off… so updated here with slightly different English translation.  Easy to translate since we’re talking about Dispatch writers(!) who make up the elementary narrative text to go along with the photos lol.

[September 7, 2014] Lee Seunggi, Heart Palpitating Date…
Noonas Over Flowers Warm Chemistry

English: LSGfan via Naver Starcast | Dispatch
Dispatch – Writing: Kim Hye Won, Photos: Suh Lee Joon.

Right now, a man and a woman going into that theater. Hearts du-geun du-geun (palpitating), walking delightfully.

The well-mannered person standing one foot forward in front escorting the woman.  “Who could he be?”

Let’s zoom in.

The moment he turns his head, we can recognize the face. 

He’s a star with so many nicknames. Real Uhm-Chin-Ah yet very much a Heodang, #1 Most Favorable CF Model yet creates choas…

Precisely Lee. Seung. Gi.

On October 6th with the start of the Chuseok holiday, Lee Seunggi escorted ‘that woman’ into a movie theater. On this beautiful day, who could ‘that woman’ be, escorted by Lee Seunggi?

Actually, the first place we spotted Lee Seunggi was at a cafe in Cheongnam-dong. Here he is carefully reviewing the menu. It’s as if he’s in student mode studying for his college exam. Carefully considering and again carefully considering.

Finally, the menu is decided. A smile spreads across his face. Endless laughter. Also de-ep eye contact. Who could possibly make Lee Seunggi like this?

The place where Lee Seunggi’s attentiveness is directed…

Yoon. Yeo. Jung. Teacher was seated there.

Although ‘Noonas Over Flowers’ ended, Yoon Yeo Jung was still very much a ‘Flower Noona.’ This two-shot photo reminded us very much of Croatia. As expected, location doesn’t matter when wonderful people get together.

Lee Seunggi was very much the well-mannered porter(?). Taking care of the the menu order. When Teacher’s water glass was empty, filling it up each time. Even when the food came out, Teacher first~.

“Teacher, have you decided?”

“I’ll fill your glass~”

Even after ‘Noonas Over Flowers,’ Lee Seunggi is still very much leaning on Yoon Yeo Jung Teacher. In particular, according to hearsay, he’s asked her a lot of questions about acting.

It makes sense since these days, Lee Seunggi is filming the movie ‘Today’s Love’ (Director Park Jin Pyo). As it’s his first time acting in a romantic comedy movie, he’s had a lot of questions.

“Should I raise my tone?”

“Does it make sense to act calmly?”

“Raise your tone in those instances”

We thought we had caught Lee Seunggi’s Chuseok date. However, according to these photos, it was Lee Seunggi’s supplementary lesson. The studying(?) or conversations(?) between these two was heartwarming to see, regardless of time and place.

After finishing their brunch like that, the two moved to another place.

Now, finally, officially, is this a Chuseok date?

They didn’t stop talking even as they walked on the street. For a moment, their chemistry here is really great, isn’t it?  The 40-year age gap is just a number. The white shirt and sneakers make for a perfect casual look.

Ahhh, this is like the first time we see Lee Seunggi in glasses. Yoon Yeo Jung Teacher wears round sunglasses, and Lee Seunggi was also wearing round eyeglasses. What was he going to watch that he even prepared eyeglasses?

“Seunggi-ya, should we watch a movie?”

Lee Seunggi and Yoon Yeo Jung Teacher arrived at a movie theater in Cheongnam-dong.  They were there to watch the movie ‘My Palpitating Life.’ Having already purchased tickets, they went straight into the theater.

Why would these two have chosen this movie?  Could it be because of the mix of emotions captured in the movie?

In reality, ‘My Palpitating Life’ is bright yet sad, and funny.  It is a movie where you’re laughing but also crying. Although bidding farewell to a loved one first, it is not the end but a beginning, not pain but a memory.

It seemed as if Yoon Yeo Jung Teacher wanted to show Seunggi, who is filming a ‘romantic comedy,’ a range of emotions. And Seunggi wanted to check the depth of those emotions.  Like that, 2 hours quickly passed by.

Hiding their tears, we saw the two again coming out of the theater.

Lee Seunggi escorted Yoon Yeo Jung Teacher until the end. In Yoon Yeo Jung Teacher’s hand was a handkerchief from ‘My Palpitating Life.’ And there was a warm smile of Lee Seunggi’s face.

“Ahhhh! It’s the Noonas Over Flowers couple” (Fan)

“We had a Chuseok date”

“Teacher, that way~”

“Enjoy your Hangawi (Chuseok holiday)”

And that was Lee Seunggi and Yoon Yeo Jung’s heart palpitating Chuseok date.

Ok so this is very sweet and heartwarming… especially coming from Dispatch.

But the Dispatch writers that create the narrative for the photos… oy.  It’s like they can make up whatever they want and write it to go along with the photos.  Amusing, but still, totally made-up stuffs.

The ‘My Palpitating Life’ promotion bent was a little too obvious, ya think?! lol. But it’s great to see Seunggi and the beloved Teacher Yoon Yeo Jung (and the managers!) spend time talking the craft of acting and catching up like this again.

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