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[CUCKOO Pressure Curved CF – GIFs] Seunggi Prepares Lakeside Terrace Dinner Date #SoRomantic

September 2014. Gifs from CUCKOO Pressure Curved CF.
ok Seunggi is too perfect in the CF… and pretty much close to that in real life!

Always LOVE seeing Seunggi cook and prepare food for others^^
but love it even more to see him eat and have foodgasmic reactions!

omg the filming set is seriously gorgeous~~~!!!!
Tent set-up and terrace by the lake and trees~ true glamping style!
oh and Seunggi’s backside~~~~ #LoveIt

Can’t help but to like that Cuckoo didn’t focus in on the girl much ㅋㅋㅋ

Seunggi’s magical *snap*~~~~

Cue the romantic terrace lights!  Dinner outside~~~
ok honestly, we girls love this kind of stuff.

Even the rice looks super luxe~~~!!
It is true, tasty delicious fresh rice tastes very different!

Ahhhh Seunggi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Images: As labeled

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One Response

  1. This CF seems So Seung Gi to me, love it

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