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Lee Seunggi Attends KB Bank ‘Seunggi Sarang’ Branch Opening [Fancam, Photos]

August 4, 2014.  Grand opening of Seunggi Sarang KB Bank branch in Incheon, by Seunggi Intersection ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seunggi like a boss in 3-piece, double-breasted tailored suit, showing up at his namesake.  But the hair… wae?  And this was soon after You’re All Surrounded.  I miss you EunDaeGu~~~~  Awesome photos. Lovely fancam!! (at 2:00 breaking to give a wave~~~ Awwww #LoveHim)!

oh Seunggi~~~~~~
need to see you like this, acting in a future project!

omg wonder what he’s thinking?!?!?!
sitting in front of the Seunggi shrine ㅋㅋㅋ let alone, at a KB Bank branch!

Guess he feels good about it~~~~~

Mr. detail-oriented!
Needs to know the details.

Photo time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Aw the way people hold his hands and smile with him………….
and how he reciprocates~~~~

Images: As labeled/Tryp96
Video: mijoi0113

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