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Seunggi’s Pizza Hut ‘Taco Pizza’ CF Photos and Treat for ‘You’re All Surrounded’ Team [June 2014]

June 2014.  You’re All Surrounded filming and broadcast days~ #MissThem
Pizza Hut ‘Taco Pizza’ CF filming photos.  Always love Seunggi’s expressions.  Pizza Hut typically does fun, friendly CF concepts.  The 2 girls are an interesting choice.  Maybe they were trying to push that the Taco Pizza is SO yummy that the usually well-mannered, sweet Seunggi doesn’t even share the pizza with the ladies sitting right next to him~~~~^^

Q: Lee Seunggi’s last words? O OO~ Taco
(Pizza Hut play-on-words for Seunggi’s Gu Family Book OST ‘Last Words’~~~)


On the set of You’re All Surrounded~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Food event from Seunggi and Pizza Hut for drama team.
Seunggi showing us how to properly eat the Taco Pizza^^

well now we know he probably never got to take a bite………..
since he was on a strict diet during the drama!
But it paid off~~~~~~~~~ Seunggi and EunDaeGu hot hot hot.
I think I really miss Daegu and Soosun!!!!


You’re All Surrounded staff Instagram, June 25, 2014

Again today~ Daegu Daegu is buying~ This time Pizza Hut’s new Taco Pizza
I wasn’t expecting that much but… It’s deliciousㅋㅋㅋ
Filming for tomorrow’s broadcast, we’re You’re All Surrounded team~

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