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[ENG] Innolife – Lee Seunggi’s Thoughts After Watching ‘Hill Of Freedom’ At VIP Movie Screening

Innolife – Aug. 29, 2014 ‘Hill of Freedom’ VIP Screening
(Japanese press coverage)
English: LSGfan, Video: AirenNews01

(Only select cuts translated)

at 0:43~
YoonYeoJung: So did you enjoy [the movie]? Because Director Hong was really serious about it this time, and actually, I haven’t seen it yet. So I’m really curious, how you felt watching it.

at 1:07~
Seunggi: I really really enjoyed the movie.  I think changing up the sequence of reading the letters and showing that differently was a very fresh take. I really enjoyed the movie. I hope many people will watch ‘Hill Of Freedom.’

at 2:11~
Seunggi: Hill Of Freedom fighting!

(Seunggi is always such a pro and great in talking to reporters!)

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