‘Healer’ Lee Seunggi Photos on the Set of Medifoam CF

‘Healer’ Seunggi.  More Medifoam blog photos from the CF filming.
Love our guy~~~~~ We need to see him play a doctor in a future project!

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Seunggi & Little Girl Medifoam CF Filming Photos #TooCute

Medifoam blog and all the sweet photos…. SO Awwwww~~~~
More behind the scenes photos and outtakes please.

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Seunggi & Cute Little Girl For Medifoam CF Making Video

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[ENG] Innolife – Lee Seunggi’s Thoughts After Watching ‘Hill Of Freedom’ At VIP Movie Screening

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‘Seunggi & Teddy Bear’ Series Photos For Cuckoo Promo

Cuckoo China has been seriously awesome. Regularly posting behind the scenes promo ad photos taken when the first CF was released.  These Seunggi and Teddy Bear photo series is just too much!!!! omg why so cute Seunggi?!?!?!  But I still don’t get how the teddy bear is related to the Cuckoo products lol.  I guess it doesn’t matter when these are the resulting photos~~~~~~~~~^^

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Seunggi’s Pizza Hut ‘Taco Pizza’ CF Photos and Treat for ‘You’re All Surrounded’ Team [June 2014]

June 2014.  You’re All Surrounded filming and broadcast days~ #MissThem
Pizza Hut ‘Taco Pizza’ CF filming photos.  Always love Seunggi’s expressions.  Pizza Hut typically does fun, friendly CF concepts.  The 2 girls are an interesting choice.  Maybe they were trying to push that the Taco Pizza is SO yummy that the usually well-mannered, sweet Seunggi doesn’t even share the pizza with the ladies sitting right next to him~~~~^^

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Seunggi For Pizza Hut ‘Taco Pizza’ CFs & Making [July 2014]

Pizza Hut CF 30s [July 2014]
(video: AirenVideo)

Seunggi: Yum~~ tasty taco. Assssak-ah taco.
(omg Seunggi’s foodgasmic expressions killing me!!!!)

Everyone: First seen taco!

Seunggi: Taco Pizza. Cheddar cheese. Pork carnitas. Nacho crumble.
This is not all. Lettuce and even salsa. Yum~ All~~~~~~my taco!

Pizza Hut.

(omg I love it when Seunggi speaks English… and looks at camera!)

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

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