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[GIFs] You’re All Surrounded Ep 18 – Seunggi’s Wounded Heart Bandaged by Go Ara… with ‘Medifoam’

Soosun: I, too, need courage for this.  Promise me that you won’t make fun of me.

omo Daegu’s reaction to what Soosun says~~~
his eyes say it all. Like ‘please let it be what I’m thinking!’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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[Medifoam CF Making Film] Longer Cut of Seunggi Hard At Work and Great Chemistry With Little Girl!

Yay video is finally ‘public’~~ after like 3 months! oooooh love this version of the CF Making Film.  Seunggi is just awesome.  Always love seeing him work!

[mundipharma | Seunggi’s Medifoam CF Making Video]

Client: Mundipharma | Date: 2014.05.19 | Concept: TV_CF Making Film

(omo Seunggi at 1:00~~~ ♡♡♡♡♡♡ so natural w/ little kids)

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[Firstlook Outdoor Tracksuit CF] Lee Seunggi Takes a Stroll… Eliminating Boundaries Between City & Outdoor

[September 2014] Seunggi for Firstlook Outdoor Tracksuit CF
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Wherever… Freeing.
(Seunggi takes a stroll, while reading a book at a bookstore~)

Wherever… Cool.
(Seunggi takes a stroll, senses cool fall weather~)

Eliminating the boundaries between City and Outdoor~ First tracksuit
(Seunggi takes a stroll… headphones, drink in hand, rides bike~)

Outdoor’s first common sense~ Firstlook

[September 21, Sunday 10:40pm broadcast]

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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – ENGLISH ③

September 8, 2014.  Since it’s the last part in the interview series, English translation – StarNews interview with Lee Seunggi ③. Ha, Sunggi really has been ranked #1 on so many surveys and polls consistently for so many years.  It was a clever way for StarNews to close out the interview and summarize who Lee Seunggi is.

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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – Main Points ②

September 8, 2014. StarNews interview with Lee Seunggi ② – Continuation of the main points from my previously posted tweets~~ Love Seunggi more every time!

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