[GIFs] You’re All Surrounded Ep 18 – Seunggi’s Wounded Heart Bandaged by Go Ara… with ‘Medifoam’

Soosun: I, too, need courage for this.  Promise me that you won’t make fun of me.

omo Daegu’s reaction to what Soosun says~~~
his eyes say it all. Like ‘please let it be what I’m thinking!’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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[Medifoam CF Making Film] Longer Cut of Seunggi Hard At Work and Great Chemistry With Little Girl!

Yay video is finally ‘public’~~ after like 3 months! oooooh love this version of the CF Making Film.  Seunggi is just awesome.  Always love seeing him work!

[mundipharma | Seunggi’s Medifoam CF Making Video]

Client: Mundipharma | Date: 2014.05.19 | Concept: TV_CF Making Film

(omo Seunggi at 1:00~~~ ♡♡♡♡♡♡ so natural w/ little kids)

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[Firstlook Outdoor Tracksuit CF] Lee Seunggi Takes a Stroll… Eliminating Boundaries Between City & Outdoor

[September 2014] Seunggi for Firstlook Outdoor Tracksuit CF
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Wherever… Freeing.
(Seunggi takes a stroll, while reading a book at a bookstore~)

Wherever… Cool.
(Seunggi takes a stroll, senses cool fall weather~)

Eliminating the boundaries between City and Outdoor~ First tracksuit
(Seunggi takes a stroll… headphones, drink in hand, rides bike~)

Outdoor’s first common sense~ Firstlook

[September 21, Sunday 10:40pm broadcast]

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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – ENGLISH ③

September 8, 2014.  Since it’s the last part in the interview series, English translation – StarNews interview with Lee Seunggi ③. Ha, Sunggi really has been ranked #1 on so many surveys and polls consistently for so many years.  It was a clever way for StarNews to close out the interview and summarize who Lee Seunggi is.

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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – Main Points ②

September 8, 2014. StarNews interview with Lee Seunggi ② – Continuation of the main points from my previously posted tweets~~ Love Seunggi more every time!

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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – Main Points ①

September 8, 2014. StarNews is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and they interviewed Seunggi, also celebrating his 10th anniversary year since debuting in 2004.  Hope Navercast does an English-translated version of the 3-set interview since they’ve done it before.  As expected, Seunggi is sincere, humorous, reflective in the interview.  Kudos to StarNews for focusing on ‘Actor-Singer Lee Seunggi’ and his career from 2004 up until now… and well, his CFs and all his #1 public survey rankings over the years ㅋㅋㅋ #Respect

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[Dispatch] Lee Seunggi’s Palpitating Date… Noonas Over Flowers Warm Chemistry (feat. Yoon Yeo Jung)

September 6, 2014. Over the Chuseok holiday, Seunggi was ‘caught’ (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) having brunch and catching a movie with beloved veteran actress, Teacher Yoon Yeo Jung (67) whom he first met through The King 2 Hearts (2012) and then again via Noonas Over Flowers (2013). Yoon Yeo Jung is still doing movies and dramas in her golden years and still very much sophisticated chic.  Her fashion-industry son may have something to do with that too!

Glad we get ENG translated versions from NaverCast and Dispatch, but sometimes the KOR–>ENG translations are a little off… so updated here with slightly different English translation.  Easy to translate since we’re talking about Dispatch writers(!) who make up the elementary narrative text to go along with the photos lol.

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