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Traditional and Modern Lee Seunggi For Beautiful, Romantic LG Bamboo Salt CF, China

(video: AirenVideo)

Just posting these now #LoveIt June 2014. LG Bamboo Salt CF – China.  30-sec CF version. Such a gorgeous, classy and effective CF concept.

Starts off by showcasing the storied natural goodness of bamboo salt from long long long ago — Seunggi and woman in traditional costume baking bamboo salt together — totally giveing off that ‘sageuk’ super sensual romantic vibe!

Then we’re brought into modern times with the two meeting again, reaching for the same refined product.  Whoa who knew buying toothpaste could be such a sensual experience!

And Seunggi~ THAT smile and the WAY he looks at her ㅠㅠㅠ

CF 15-sec. version:

(video: AirenVideo)


Anticipating Seunggi also taking on more traditional sageuk in the future…


But I always really really love modern-day Seunggi~~~~~~~~~`


Seunggi and this woman were great together~ awesome chemistry.
But this is Seunggi~~~~~~~~~~~ he has chemistry with EVERYONE. and ANYTHING.

Images: LSG Thailand, Twitter

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