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[ENG] Lee Seunggi Participates in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

* Updated with ENG-subbed video

[Aug. 21, 2014] Lee Seunggi Participates in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggitown

Hello, happy to meet you, I’m Lee Seunggi. Through Athlete Lee Dong Gook’s nomination, I feel very happy to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This campaign isn’t simply about pouring ice water, but as you know, is a campaign that began to support those world-wide living with Lou Gehrigs disease.

I hope all of you will show interest too and that your warm touch will be shared with the many who are living with this illness. Not only just Lou Gherigs Disease, but for those people and families living with other sufferings worldwide, I hope you will also show a lot of interest for them.

Through this campaign, I hope all of us will show a lot of interest… [EDIT] I will also take this opportunity to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and also donate. I hope all of us together will be able to give a lot of strength to those living with ALS.

Okay, I’ll start. (omg Seunggi steps into shower and picks up his own ice water bucket!) I haven’t done this since 1 Night 2 Days… I hope many people will be strengthened through this campaign. Fighting! (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seunggi douses self! and made donation^^)

Yes, I hope many people will gain a lot of hope through this campaign!

And for those close to me — Lee Seojin as representing entertainment, PD Na Youngsuk as PD representative, and Writer Lee Woojung (Reply 1994, Noonas Over Flowers, The Romantic) as writer representative — I hope you will all definitely participate in this campaign. Fighting!

(seriously what else is there left to say about Seunggi~~ #TheRealDeal)


[ENG-subbed] Lee Seunggi Participates in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

(video: LSG Korea)


Hook Entertainment – Photo/Video tweet


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  1. that more we could say, nothing, Seung Gi is perfect and with a heart of gold. I love LSG

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