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[ENG] MBC News: Lee Seunggi To Participate in CJ Donation Drive For Low-Income Teengirls (WriteGirl) @KCONUSA

August 7, 2014 – MBC News Entertainment Today
Lee Seunggi To Participate in Donation Drive Event for Low-Income Teens in the United States
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

This is Entertainment Today News.

Hallyu Star Lee Seunggi will be setting out to the United States for a donation drive event to support low-income female student teens.

Education related books and school supplies needed by these students will be donated and delivered to an NGO organization. (WriteGirl based in Los Angeles)

On August 10, Lee Seunggi will be visiting the United States to spur on the donation drive event, and is expected to directly participate in the rolling out of the charitable giving activity.


Looks like Seunggi will be participating directly in the CJ Donation Drive to support the educational enrichment and readiness for teengirls involved in Los Angeles-based nonprofit @WriteGirlLA. Like the mission of the organization.





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