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[GIFs] Seunggi & Puppy’s #SoCute CUCKOO CF Chemistry

Can’t believe this puppy gets WAY more action than any of the actresses in Seunggi’s dramas!!!  Well, the puppy IS incredibly cute and adorable, but still…. I would’ve forgiven You’re All Surrounded Writer-nim on all fronts if she scripted a Daegu-Soosun remotely close to this!  (ok, the kiss scene in the last ep kinda made up for it)  Here’s hoping we get to see Junsu like this in ‘Today’s Love’~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Maybe he’ll have a dog in the film.  Seems to go with his character’s personality.

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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3 Responses

  1. Hahahaha! Yup, this puppy is so lucky!

  2. Oi, Lee seung gy. I watched this puppy dog with Seung Gy very many times which I not feeling bore.Seung Gy is so Cute.Handsome.Manly, puppy dog is also cute.pretty. Puppy dog is often thinked as pet of Femail. Puppy dog makes me see: Seung Gy more lovely. I hope in future, will have a romance film which has a puppy dog with seung gy.Before, I also see a picture Hyun Bin play with Puppy Dog same as Lee Seung Gy. Lee Seung Gy & Hyun Bin show Cuteness.lovely.nice when they play with puppy dog. Two Idols of me, are very Cute

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    Omg~~ So Cute~~ ♡♡

    Credits to : LSGfan

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