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[Fanfic] You’re All Surrounded “Sleepless in Gangnam” + [Fan Video] “What’s Wrong With Me?” Daegu ♥ Soosun

(video: Dianney Gabriel | As labeled)

I’ve never been into fanfics but I LOVE this one – “Sleepless in Gangnam.” Hope there’s more to come! And it’s PG-13, so don’t worry. This totally could’ve been a REAL scene in the drama. Especially since it addresses the bunkbed situation in Daegu’s room! (I can’t help but to think YAS Writer-nim’s original script called for Soosun to move in, but the scene was eventually nixed, for whatever reason).

To go along with the fanfic story, fan video of our EunUh Couple, ending with Daegu tossing and turning in his bunkbed thinking about the kiss, while Soosun does the same… in her tent sleeping bag! Fan Video BGM: San E (ft. Kang Min Hee) – What’s Wrong With Me? You’re All Surrounded OST.

Fanfic Title: Sleepless in Gangnam | Author: orange-in-the-overcast

Title: Sleepless in Gangnam | Author: orange-in-the-overcast
Fandom: You’re All Surrounded | Pairing: Eunuh
A/N: I’ve never tried writing a fanfic for a kdrama before, but You’re All Surrounded captured my heart, and I needed more cutesy feels now that the show’s over. Takes place a few months after the last episode.


The metal frame squeaked beneath her, jostled by Dae Gu’s constant tossing in his bunk. She blinked up at the ceiling, tracing the shadows with her eyes while she listened to his sheets rustle, and the restless sighs that escaped him every now and again. It’d been somewhat surprising when he’d offered up the extra space in his room for her – Ji Gook and Tae Il had stared at him like he’d sprouted an extra arm – but she’d been happy to oblige, if it’d meant she had a place to stay while her leaky roof at home was being fixed. Plus, the idea of being so near him had been a nice perk.

At this rate, though, it seemed neither of them would be getting much sleep tonight.

Continue reading at >>> [Fanfic] “Sleepless in Gangnam”

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