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[Fan Video] You’re All Surrounded – “Now and Forever” Daegu & Soosun Kiss Moments

(video: haesong225)

Fan Video. You’re All Surrounded. BGM: Jo Jung Hee (조정희) – Now and Forever. Kiss moments from Daegu (Seunggi) and Soosun (Ara).

At some point, I seriously began to wonder if Writer-nim was purposely toying with us every time there was a potential Daegu-Soosun moment or kiss! Like she knew we were totally anticipating and then she’d end the scene NOT the way we wanted lol.

But seeing how ALL of us literally freaked out in GLEE and totally forgot about the REST of the story after a Daegu-Soosun kiss scene… perhaps that’s precisely the reason why Writer-nim held back! Ha. You know, she wanted us to focus on the overall story too.

Each time Daegu and Soosun hugged, held hands, joked around, looked at each other… I had SO many feels and wanted more. Mainly because Daegu was such a pained character who had experienced SO much trauma. And Soosun was really the only one who could comfort and ease his deep hurt.

Depending on one another for that kind of REAL support, as opposed to just falling and being in love… Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so attached to Daegu-Soosun.

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  1. Missed your posts and translations. Glad you’re back!

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