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[ENG] 2014.07.17 CJ Hello Mobile Fan Event – Seunggi Talks ‘You’re All Surrounded’ Filming, Injury, Chinese Site Views

YAS filming lots of fun and laughs, eye injury is fine now
English: LSGfan, Video: 승기사랑선희사랑

MC: You were filming your drama…
LSG: Yes, ‘You’re All Surrounded.’
MC: Now you’re surrounded by all of us! (this MC is way too exciteable lol)
LSG: Today was the last filming. (while Seunggi is his usual chill self!)
C: You worked really hard.  There must have been some fun filmings.  If you were to share a fun incident or some particular episode that happened…

LSG: Well, first off because I worked with people who were chock full of laughter and humor, including the PD, the staffs, and our Cha Seungwon sunbaenim and Sung Jiroo sunbae. It was a really non-stop laughter set because of the people.

LSG: And mid-way, thankfully okay now, but there was an accident. But fortunately it wasn’t a huge situation, I was able to quickly recover and return to filming the drama. So to be here today having completed the entire filming well, I feel very grateful for that.

(ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ So Seunggi to not make a big deal about the incident and move forward. I know he felt so bad toward the others. Love him more!)

MC: Are you okay? (Crowd worried too)
LSG: Of course.  Of course. (Applause!!!! Thank God!)
MC: You can’t get hurt.
LSG: Huh?
MC: You can’t get hurt.
LSG: Okay. I have to not. (Aw so shy, but touched~)
MC: Because Seunggi is ours!!


YAS Chinese site views and impact
English: LSGfan, Video: 승기사랑선희사랑

MC: Have you heard?  In China, You’re All Surrounded has surpassed 350 million downloads on the internet. (Applause!!!) That’s a big deal.  The number of views~~

LSG: I’ve only heard about this from others, so I’m curious to know how much we can sense this too.  Everyone’s saying that it’s surpassed that many views, so I think on our end, the actors were also curious about it.  So Go Ara, and especially Cha Seungwon sunbaenim, I believe scheduled their first event right away in China to test this out!  He wanted to see to what extent this was spin (hahaha) or really wherever he went, he’d be recognized, so he went to check it out.

(hahahaha I can only imagine all the fun small talk the guys joked around about on set, when they weren’t filming!  And so like Seunggi not to even talk about his own activities in China.  And why am I NOT surprised agencies for Ara (SM) and CSW (YG) already have a strategic plan in place for their clients.  Let’s hope for just at least half that from Hook for Seunggi~) .

MC: There are some people here from abroad…
(Aw Seunggi waves acknowledges fans and waves hi~~~)
MC: From Thailand (Thai Airens always jjang!) Anyeong~ Hello (lol)

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