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[ENG] 2014.07.17 CJ Hello Mobile Fan Event – How Seunggi Stayed in Shape During the Drama, and Beer + Healing Plans

How Seunggi stayed in shape, eating healthy food prepared from home
English: LSGfan, Video: 승기사랑선희사랑

(Some joking around with the audience~)

MC: Ok next question~ Seeing the drama, your body was really tight and in good shape. (giggles from the crowd lol). How do you usually stay in shape?

LSG: I exercise a lot. And I think the way I exercise is a bit different. Especially with this drama, I felt like I had to get my body in tight shape. I think I worked hard at it. Typically when a drama starts, it’s tough on your stamina so I give up on eating out and stuff like that. Throughout, I ate mostly nutritious food that was prepared from home. (Seunggi’s mom is the best, of course!)

LSG: Early on, I was dieting for about 2 months. And then when we were doing all-night filmings which can be really hard, I ate healthy food prepared from home. Last year, the people around me were busy grilling chicken duck, and this time I had beef pork. (lol)

LSG: Since there were a lot of guys in the drama, and the Eun Daegu character was very chic and cynical type of person, I felt it was better for the image to appear slimmed down.  So I think I worked really hard on that.


What Seunggi wants to do right now~ have a beer! Next day healing time
English: LSGfan, Video: 승기사랑선희사랑

MC: Ok short answer… What you want to do right now…

LSG: Right now… (Crowd yells~ ‘sleep’)
MC: Something besides sleep.
LSG: I don’t want to sleep immediately now. More like have a refreshing beer. (Awesome! Audience likes that simple answer~)
MC: Ok then. You want to have a refreshing beer right now.

MC: Next, what will you be doing tomorrow?
LSG: Tomorrow… starting tomorrow, I’m thinking to get some personal healing time since we had such a tight filming schedule. Honestly, it felt like the tightest schedule I’ve had since my debut that it really tested my stamina.

(omg more tight than when he was doing My Girlfriend is a Gumiho + Strong Heart + 1n2d?! I think YAS filming was seriously no joke in terms of super tight filming schedule. I mean we saw fan photos of scenes they would then edit for the next day broadcast!)

LSG: So starting tomorrow, I’ll take some time for that. (and now we know he is spending his healing time together with PD Yoo and the other director in Japan~ love that) Then I’ll be starting a new project…

Fan: And what’s [that new project?] (I’m curious too…)

MC: Since our Seunggi has to begin healing tomorrow, let’s give him a break.  Don’t bother him, ok?! Ha.

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  1. I know, even he did not mention it, but he will have time for the love of his life, Yoona…is she also busy?

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