All the Best to Lee Seunggi and the ‘You’re All Surrounded’ Team As We Head Into the Final Week and Last 2 Episodes!

Can’t believe we’re headed into the final week of the drama, with the final episodes 19 and 20 airing next week. I’m curious to see how Writer-nim has scripted these last 2 hours of broadcast so that all our characters and story get satisfactory closure.

The photo tweet is from Hook on March 22, 2014 of Seunggi after his first day filming ‘You’re All Surrounded’ and with script 1 in his hands~~~ Can you believe this was almost 4 months ago?! Wow. Feels like it’s been a long time, yet at the same time, seems just like yesterday that the drama was revving up for broadcast…

Wishing all the best to our Seunggi, all the actors, and the production team! Fighting as they film the last 2 episodes of You’re All Surrounded!


As most of you know, LSGfan blog has been on hiatus for a bit. A mix of being super busy AND being super annoyed at Hook (ok, it’s way more the latter!). But LSGfan hearts Seunggi more than ever because… well, because he is LEE SEUNGGI and you just can’t help but to love and be inspired by our #1 Jjang Jjang Man!

LSGfan has been active at so you can catch me there, and at the top right of this blog, which has livefeed of the tweets.

Airens are truly an amazing fandom. Jjang Jjang Jjang! So like Seunggi, always thinking how best to reflect and represent who he is.

(As opposed to some fans that have NO clue that THEY (and their lame, uninformed, SO far from the truth of general Korean public sentiment tweets and comments) are EXACTLY the reason that makes me totally NOT interested at all in their star.)

Airens (“someone I love”) = Seunggi.  Says A LOT about who Seunggi IS… and why the general public and fans are always rooting for and wanting the best for him, even as other stars come and go… supporting him back then AND still in the now.

Image: twitter/hookent3

4 Responses

  1. I very like Lee Seung Gi. In 2D1N, I like a scence Lee seung gi says He feels hungry & find chocolate to eat but not have chocolate.Lee Seung Gi at that time looks very lovely same as child. Oppa shows Truth so I very like oppa

  2. HI!…everyday i am always lurking here but each visit was making me sad for there are new post from you and wondering where you are and what happened, until i noticed your tweets in the upper right of the main page. Happy now to see that you are active again in posting…but to tell you frankly it would have been much better if I can see translation of all the issues about uri seung gi from your sites too…Now you are back…i am more than happy!!!

  3. We Always love Lee seung gi :)

  4. Hi there! Where have you been..hope you’re really well n healthy, really glad there are new post. Please do not stop, cant get enough of uri Seungi news n wellbeing without you all. Tqsm for keep writing.

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