All the Best to Lee Seunggi and the ‘You’re All Surrounded’ Team As We Head Into the Final Week and Last 2 Episodes!

Can’t believe we’re headed into the final week of the drama, with the final episodes 19 and 20 airing next week. I’m curious to see how Writer-nim has scripted these last 2 hours of broadcast so that all our characters and story get satisfactory closure.

The photo tweet is from Hook on March 22, 2014 of Seunggi after his first day filming ‘You’re All Surrounded’ and with script 1 in his hands~~~ Can you believe this was almost 4 months ago?! Wow. Feels like it’s been a long time, yet at the same time, seems just like yesterday that the drama was revving up for broadcast…

Wishing all the best to our Seunggi, all the actors, and the production team! Fighting as they film the last 2 episodes of You’re All Surrounded!

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