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Lee Seunggi Berocca CF Featured at CGV ScreenX Theaters

(Video: AirenVideo)

July 23, 2014.  Premiere day for film ‘Kundo: Age of Rampant’ and Seunggi’s Berocca CF was featured prior to the film at CGV theaters with high-tech ScreenX.  Not sure if it was just for the premiere day, or the CF will continue to be featured.  But one thing’s for sure, CJ (owner of CGV chain of multiplex cinemas) owns LOTS of stuff.

Berocca facebook – July 23, 2014
English: LSGfan

The reunion of <Battle of Crimes> director Yoon Jongbin and Ha Jungwoo <Kundo: Age of Rampant> will release today!~ In addition to Ha Jungwoo, they say screen regulars Kang Dongwon, Mah Dongsuk, Jo Jinwoong, Kim Sungkyun are also in it?

However, before you watch the movie… you can also see Lee Seunggi! In ‘CGV ScreenX’ theaters, the Lee Seunggi Berocca commercial will also be featured.  Before you watch the movie, be on the lookout for the Berocca CF!

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Anticipating the Reunion of Lee Seunggi & Moon Chaewon and Their Film ‘Today’s Love’

Love this Today’s Love poster!! Made by a DCLSG fan (As labeled), it’s even better much bigger at DCLSG.  I really hope Seunggi gets styled preppy-casual.  I’m assuming his character Junsu is a super nice guy, so I’m expecting a super nice look.  And lots of Junsu smiling and laughing please!  oh and of course, hurt, disappointment, and some heartbreak.  Seunggi’s awesome at that.

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[ENG] MBC News: Lee Seunggi – Moon Chaewon, Confirmed As Leads For Film ‘Today’s Love’

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Lee Seunggi and ‘Berocca Support Steps’ Project Cheer For Success Among Workers

April ~ June 2014.  Loved this Berocca project.  It was both marketing and public service.  The huge ‘Berocca Success Steps’ display at Yong-san Station ended, but Berocca fb is continuing its brand theme of encouraging “success” together with Seunggi (their CF model).  Their main target clientele, company workers, were asked to post encouraging support messages to a fellow sunbae or hoobae from their company on the Berocca fb.  150 messages were randomly selected and displayed at the busy Yong-san Station steps in May through early June, for everyone to read and be inspired.  Such a cool public service idea (and strategic marketing!).

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Lee Seunggi Models Firstlook Outdoor 2014 Summer Light Series Collection Polos and Windbreakers

The Firstlook Outdoor ‘You’re All Surrounded Lee Seunggi Polo and Windbreaker’ that Daegu wore in the drama.  But here, we get to see Seunggi smile a whole lot more!  Yay~ missed that smile.  Can’t believe the drama is really over ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Time flies.  Posting these lovely promo ads before Summer 2014 ends~~~!!!

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