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Lee Seunggi for Firstlook Outdoor 2014 Summer Light Series Broadcast Segment

(video: seunggiairen)

May 29, 2014. CJ O Shopping broadcast segment showcasing Seunggi for Firstlook 2014 ‘Summer Light Series’~~ enjoying a bike ride on his Brompton!  I seriously want to go biking with him!  Love him in this entire segment~ he doesn’t even talk, just LOTS of smiling and looking handsome!

Reminds me of post The King 2 Hearts from 2 years ago… fanpics of Seunggi looking at Bromptons in Apgujeong.  Miss those Jaeha-Hangah days!  All good things eventually come in due time… TK2H reunion at 2013 MBC Drama Awards was like a total dream come true!

Waiting for the 2014 Summer series update 1stLook, although I totally loved the spring look book too.

Please give us making film footage this time too.

Another different cut from the broadcast segment~

(video: seunggiairen)

SO fascinating how music can totally set a different tone/vibe!

I think the female model is still Choi Ara  Really like how they look together.  She kinda reminds me of Kim Yuna here.  Which by the way, I need some new Seunggi-Yuna pics please.

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