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WeMakePrice Promo Event for CF Model Lee Seunggi and You’re All Surrounded

May 13-30, 2014~ WeMakePrice Event for a chance to win Seunggi’s “oh! same shoes~” ㅋㅋ ㅋ Love how his projects (dramas, albums, programs) always gets lots of support and love via CF promo events.  Thank God, since Captain Hook’s still living in her cave~ while other peer stars’ agencies put out a press release every other day. *sigh* Media play is annoying, often not fact-based and lots of exaggeration… but you can’t deny that it often ends up accomplishing what it set out to do.

WeMakePrice Mystery Shopper event promo from a while back~

I tried to click on a WeMakePrice event link, but I guess it was old, and I got this error image and message…………..

“Sorry that your shopping has been inconvenienced.”  And Seunggi’s pout~~~!!!

I just  get all giggly and fangirly when I see him pout; maybe because it’s so not typical him, like he is so NOT into aegyo! (Thank God!)

And belated congrats to WeMakePrice for its continued success in the social commerce market, and its major growth and profit after Seunggi and Seojin were selected as their CF endorsement models~~~

Wonder if they’ll be another WeMakePrice Seunggi event soon.
I remember missing Seunggi lots after the new year started, and I think this was his first public event~

March 2014 WeMakePrice White Day event with Seunggi. I was so gaga that day~

Images: WeMakePrice, As labeled

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