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‘Attentive Man’ Lee Seunggi Selected as Medifoam CF Model, Timed with Korea Mundipharma’s New Global Launch

May 30, 2014.  Official announcement that Lee Seunggi (27) has been selected as the new endorsement model for Korea’s #1 market share top quality absorption adhesive dressing brand Medifoam, and timed with Korea Mundipharma’s plans for global launch following its recent strategic partnership with Genewel.  The previous CF model was actor Ryoo Seung Yong (43).  Congrats to Mr. trusted go-to guy Seunggi!!

[May 30, 2014] ‘Attentive Guy’ Lee Seunggi Selected as Medifoam CF Model for Korea Mundipharma
English: LSGfan via Economy Today, Financial News, Money Week

Brand new packaging, along with global launch for Korea’s representative, top quality absorption adhesive dressing Medifoam.  Korea Mundipharma revealed that singer-actor Lee Seunggi will be their new endorsement model, and the new commercials will begin airing in Korea on June 1st.

Based on the theme ‘For wounds, Medifoam from the start,’ in the recently filmed commercial, Lee Seunggi showcased his attentive charms by treating the wounds of a family who were on a camping trip.

Lee Jongho, President of Korea Mundipharma, said “Lee Seunggi’s thoughtful nature of bringing healing to people around him corresponded well with our product distinction and thus we were able to come together,” adding, “We are rooting for his new drama and Lee Seunggi to solidify his Hallyu status, and hope Medifoam and Mundipharma together will become a worldwide product able to treat people’s wounds abroad.”

Medifoam is Korea’s top successful absorption adhesive dressing from Genewel.  The quality line of wound absorption dressing products have been the go-to brand of choice not only for use in hospitals and for wound protection after surgery, but has also received a lot of love among household families.

Last March, a Medifoam strategic partnership agreement was established between Mundipharma and Genewel, setting the stage for launch into the global market.

Korea’s representative absorption adhesive dressing brand ‘Medifoam’ will be reaching beyond its domestic market and launch throughout Asia and the Middle East areas in the latter part of the year.

[May 30, 2014] Absorption adhesive dressing Medifoam, medical/health care to go Hallyu?
English: LSGfan via SBS CNBC News broadcast

CNBC Anchor:  “Lee Jongho, President of Korea Mundipharma, revealed that Hallyu medical/health care will be launched though wound treatment Medifoam absorption adhesive dressing.  Global company Mundipharma acquired the domestic copyright for Medifoam, Korea’s #1 market share  in absorption adhesive dressing, and new packaging and products will launch starting in June.  Mundipharma wound antiseptic ‘Betadine’ and providing synergy effect ‘Beta Plast’ are scheduled to be launched as brands.”

Lee Jongho, President of Korea Mundipharma:  “Medifoam has maintained its position as the most beloved absorption adhesive dressing in Korea for the past 12 years.  We see this is an opportunity to showcase Korea’s product quality by competing with top brands in other foreign countries.”

Laman Singh, President of Emerging Markets, Mundipharma:  “We see the copyright acquisition of Medifoam as a good opportunity to occupy the #1 market share in would treatment dressing.  We plan to launch throughout Asia and the Middle East, Africa, South America and are currently contemplating the European marketplace as well.”

Images: Naver

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  1. Let’s hope that this brand will be launched world wide and they’ll use SG as their world wide model – Osim did for LMH.

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