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You’re All Surrounded Ep 4 Cuts: Seunggi & Ara Celebrate 100-Day Anniversary Since They Met

(video: DramaSBS)

You’re All Surrounded Ep 4. Daegu returns back to his rookie detective team, and of course he and Soosun start bickering immediately.  Jikook tries to play peacemaker and Taeil ends up handcuffing the soon-to-be lovebirds together.  They go to grab lunch and end up at a place where a hostage situation ensues.  @0:30~ Disgruntled pissed off dude demands they all put their hands in the air.  But Daegu and Soosun are handcuffed, which the guy doesn’t know.  So Daegu grabs Soosun’s hand…

Soosun: We are in love!!!
Daegu: What???!!! Yes, it’s our 100-day anniversary… since we met.
Soosun: Since we met!
Daegu: Please congratulate us (makes a heartㅋㅋㅋ as does Soosun)

(They make a couple heart~ then Soosun goes weak…)

Daegu: It’s happening again??? Our baby’s heart is a little weak, so would it be okay if I just hold her hand? (Daegu hugs Soosun~)
Soosun: Oppa~

(Daegu footsie kicks Taeil to join inㅋㅋㅋ and he and Jikook join in singing congratulations celebration for their 100-day anniversary lol)

Gonna be fun as we see Seunggi play Daegu falling in love……

Eventually they work together and capture the guy…  nice ending to Ep 4…
I like how Daegu smartly uses sympathy/empathy to reason with the dude.

(video: SBSNOW)

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