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You’re All Surrounded Ep 4 Cut: Seunggi Weeps As His Mom ‘Appears’ on the Beach to Comfort Him

(video: DramaSBS)

You’re All Surrounded Ep 4.  After Daegu and Panseok beat up one another, Daegu runs away to his hometown.  He visits his childhood home, remembering all the tragic details of his mom dying in front of him 11 years ago.  He runs to the beach to vent out his pain, and as he’s sitting on the sand with his head down, he hears his mom’s voice… and she’s sitting right next to him.  And all of a sudden he becomes a little boy.  I weep even when re-watching this cut…

She says it must’ve been so hard for him all these years, especially due to his photographic memory which means he remembers all the details of her dying.  She assures him that what happened to her was not in anyway because of him ㅠㅠㅠ

She says running away doesn’t solve anything, and to hurry up and go back.  That he’s too smart to be like that.  And like a little boy, Daegu asks, “Are you sure? Are you really sure?”  Mom assures her son to no end.  He says, “Mom, you hate me right?” and weeps uncontrollably.  She looks at him lovingly and then she’s gone. ㅠㅠㅠ

Seunggi seriously breaking my heart ㅠㅠㅠ Love to see this reunion between Seunggi and Lord Park’s wife (his first love’s mom) from Gu Family Book.

Hope there’s more scenes to come with Daegu and his mom.

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    Corte de You Are All Surrounded Episodio 4: Lee Seung Gi llora al momento en que su madre aparece en la playa por consolarlo.

    (Video: Drama SBS)
    You Are All Surrounded Ep. 4. Después de que Daegu y Panseok se golpean uno al otro, Daegu huye a su pueblo. Él visita el hogar de su niñez, recordando todos los trágicos detalle de su mamá muriendo frente a él cuando él tenía 11 años.
    Via LSGfan ~Lee Seung Gi Blog

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