You’re All Surrounded Ep 3 Cuts: Seunggi & Ara’s First Case Together Doesn’t End So Well

(video: DramaSBS)

You’re All Surrounded Ep 3.  Daegu and Soosun get partnered together on a case helping a girl who has a creepy stalker.  After meeting the girl, smart Daegu insists they follow the official assignment rules, that it would be stupid to do otherwise.  But Soosun says that if he doesn’t go with her plan, then she’ll reveal he was snooping in Panseok’s desk.  She means well, but she definitely thinks more with her heart than her head… probably why she’ll totally fall for Daegu lol.  The plan backfires…

Because they stop keeping guard of the girl’s apartment after 12am, because Daegu had figured out the regular pattern of the creepy stalker.  But he later realizes there was a crack in the guy’s pattern, and Soosun was busy talking on the phone outside the girl’s apt and misses the girl’s text.  Soosun also misses seeing the girl driving off with creepy stalker, was intent on recording some solid evidence.  So both Daegu and Soosun screwed up.  More than anything, they should have texted the girl to say they were leaving their guard duty, even if it was 12am!

Daegu and Soosun run to the cafe looking for the girl, and soon find her in the park…

(video: DramaSBS)

Every time Daegu has to see a body and blood… so sad.
But he is in the violent crimes unit after all.

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